You have to eat to gain muscle – a lot of food

Eating the way you normally ate before you started working out does not work most of the time. I know some of us think we eat a lot when we really do not, if you had to actually count the calories you would find out that you do not eat that much and that is why you are not growing. To move from 65kg to about 75kg I ate a lot and pretty much ate anything that I could find, I could not exactly plan my diet since I lived in a catering residence. I gained 10 kg pretty easily and it was not only muscle that I gained, I gained fat too, and my muscles where not as hard as I wanted them.

Me at 75kg after gaining 10kg, not as tight and lean as I would have liked
 I was still new to working out and I did basic exercises, and only trained 3 times a week and it gave me what I wanted at the time, which was to gain weight. I learned more about working out and then modified my training as time went by as I was learning more, I was still living at a catering residence but I started eating the meal options with the most protein and not necessarily what I liked, I had 4 peanut butter sandwiches before my meal and made 4 more for later on when I was in my room. I also bought food in order to get more protein and to satisfy my growing appetite.
I weight 78kg here and did not look any bigger but I had burned off some fat and hardened my muscles, they were fuller than before
Combining the right workouts and eating enough gave me growth and thinking about my food options besides having limited options helped to improve my physique and gain more muscle and less fat.
Same as above pic taken sometime in November, I was feeling the best and looking  better than ever.
Eating is key in gaining mass, so is what you eat but the most important thing you have to realise is that you will never get bigger if you do not eat enough, wait no…a lot!

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