Top 5 Meals to Eat Before Going to Bed to Make Muscle Gains

One of the best ways to improve your
overall health and speed up your metabolism is by gaining muscle.
Along with weightlifting, it is important to properly fuel
your body
by eating the right foods. Eating the right foods at the right times will also increase
your chances of success when it comes to building muscles.
It has long been thought that those of us
aiming to increase our muscle mass should fuel our bodies with some protein right before bed, so our muscles grow
even while we sleep.
This is a
very good idea because even when we are sleeping, our bodies are working
and our metabolism is running, and we do
not want to waste that work. Here are
some of the best meals you can eat before bed to help your body build muscle.
cottage cheese healthy muscle food
image from simple nourished living
Cottage cheese with fruit and nuts.

Cottage cheese contains a type of protein called casein, which is a slow-releasing protein that is found mammal’s
milk. Due to its slow-release time, dairy products like cottage cheese will
nourish your body with protein over several hours, instead of overloading it
all at once.

This means that virtually no consumed protein will be wasted, and you are
essentially giving your body doses of protein throughout the entire night. Add some healthy nut options like
almonds to feed your body the right fats
it needs, and treat yourself with some
fruit for taste and additional nutrients.

food for muscle gain tuna
5-8 ounces of turkey, fish, or chicken.

Lean meat has a whole host of nutritional benefits, from being low in fat to
high in protein. Meats like turkey, chicken, and fish are good options for a
pre-bedtime snack because, just like dairy products, they contain a slow-burning form of protein.

Meats tend to contain high amounts of protein per calorie compared to other
types of food, so you can eat a relatively small portion while still consuming a significant amount of protein. Add in some
green vegetables like spinach or broccoli to your lean meat, and you have a balanced snack that will nourish your body all
night as you sleep. 

best snack before sleeping for muscle gains

Peanut butter.

 If you are not feeling very hungry but still looking to give your body
a dose of protein before sawing some logs, consider a few tablespoons of
natural peanut butter. Peanut butter usually contains roughly 8 grams of protein per serving.

Some people recommend mixing in a casein protein powder with your peanut butter
for a quick, protein-dense snack. This snack
idea can easily contain up to 50 grams of slow-release protein, depending on
which particular brands you choose to

This particular meal can get a bit
“expensive” when it comes to calories, though, so make sure you plan ahead and
leave room for it in your daily caloric regimen. 

feeding muscles with eggs omelettes

An omelet.

Eggs are a wonderful source of clean

Add some low-fat cheese to your omelet
along with plenty of vegetables, and you are on track to having a
protein-packed, nutrient-rich meal that will fuel your body for hours. Both
cheese and eggs also contain some essential
that will help your body process the proteins you eat. If you don’t
have time to cook the omelet, consider
hard-boiling some eggs and slicing some cheese for a quicker, on-the-go ready snack.

healthy snacks for growing muscle granola

Yogurt with granola.

Yogurt is convenient, delicious, and packed with casein protein.

Grains such as granola, chia seeds, and flax seeds all contain even more
protein along with essential fatty acids
that assist your body in slowing down the protein digestion process.

These five meal ideas will help you in your
quest for muscle gains.
If you eat these meals within thirty minutes
of going to sleep, your body will have the tools it needs to rebuild your
muscles. This way, you can maximize everything that your body does on its own,
and guide it to working for you.

post was written by Rudy Dewatine, a fitness and weight loss blogger from
France. You can find more of his work at where you can find out what not to eat.

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