MP45 Review – Get ripped in 45 days using H.I.S.T

If someone told you that you could have a ripped beach body
in 45 days would you believe them? I mean many people struggle with getting in
top shape after training and doing all kinds of diets for years. Most people
who go to the gym spend hours in the gym and yet they still see no gains. I was
one of the lucky few who managed to progress in the gym, in terms of my lifts
and my gains pretty early on, my body seemed to respond pretty much to every
new workout I introduced it to. Unfortunately for many people it is not so, it
is much more difficult to get into top shape and reveal that 6 pack that
everyone wants so much.

Even though I was pretty lucky early on, how can I manage
to get that extra edge to keep growing and keep improving my lifts? Have you
ever wished you had your own personal trainer but you could not afford one? Do
you wish you knew all the secrets to getting big and ripped before you wasted
months in the gym without any progress because you did not know what you were
doing? I know these are a lot of questions but these are questions you should
be asking yourself. I always which I knew what was the most effective way to
build muscle a year ago, when I was still skinny and a beginner, it could have
saved me a lot of time, and I could have built even more muscle in half the

Jaret Grossman – MP45 creator/CO-FOUNDER of  Muscle Prodigy

Sometimes we need a little direction, a how to guide on the
most effective ways to build muscle. I have recently discovered a resource that
could have saved me a lot of time. I always go to the Muscle Prodigy site
because they have some of the best fitness content on the web, every time I
used to search for something like “most jacked celebs” they would be number 1
on Google, they would not only give you a list of the most jacked celebs but
they would also give you the celebrities in depth workout plan. Anyways I went
a little bit off topic there so to get to the point, I would get to the site
and there would be this ad on MP45 and this super ripped guy. I was always
curious to find out what it was (being the gym junkie, that I am), it said
something about H.I.S.T (making me curious to find out was exactly H.I.S.T was).
Recently I got the chance to view the product/ebook/workout
program, at first I had my doubts because I do not believe in anything that
promises results in such a short period of time. I also do not believe in a
product made by someone who does not live the life style they promote to
others, like many fitness bloggers out there who do not even work out
consistently or have a body to show for it.
When I started reading the MP45 program the first thing I
realised is that the author Jaret Grossman is a genuine athlete by nature who
lives the fitness lifestyle (he is a certified personal trainer and
motivational speaker) and does well in other aspects of his life as well, at
the time of him releasing this product he was in his final year of college
doing a degree in business and law. In between all that he has managed to achieve
in sports being a 3 time all-American Wrestler in college and having
represented his country in wrestling. He weighs a lean 202lbs at only 6% body
fat, part of the reason he is in such great shape is because of his athletic
background. He has used the principles he teaches in this program to get the
physique he has and be successful in wrestling.
I cannot share too much about the program, you have to read
the book yourself to find out more but I will give you the main points about
this 45day program.

The Basics of

  •           It is made up of 3 important components which
    make it successful for all who have followed the training program to detail.
  •          These components are proper nutrition,
    cardiovascular training and resistance training.
  •          The nutrition component is not limiting like
    most things that fall under diet; you can pretty much eat anything you like
    with nutritional value.
  •          It uses the principle of H.I.S.T, which is a form
    of high intensity training with a twist to get you size, strength, leanness and
    to help you break through plateaus.
  •          It is awesome for anyone who wants to be told
    exactly what to do in order to get into top shape.
  •          Jaret provides you a breakdown (diet, cardio and
    workouts) of everything you need to do in all 45 days to get ripped (a daily
    breakdown, it is like having him as your own personal trainer).
  •          It is great for both beginners and guys who have
    been at it for a while who want that extra edge.
  •          MP45 explains to you what you need to do and why
    you should do it.
  •          It tells you about the types of workouts you
    need to do, the rep ranges and why you need a certain number of reps for
    different body parts
There is so much more in this program that a single post
cannot tell you about, the only way to learn all this in detail and more is to
check out the MP45 review site and read for yourself if this is the edge you
have been looking for. There is so much new information I have picked up from
this fitness resource. This is a good investment to make, if you care about
looking awesome and shredded. It is not only about the 45 days, MP45 is about a
lifestyle change.  The 45 days are aimed
at making the fitness lifestyle your habit and the results you get act as the
inspirational boost. On a final note check out the MP45 site to see what the
program has done for others including its creator Jaret Grossman.

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