Jared Padalecki has put on some muscle on Supernatural

I remember the
first time I watched Supernatural, Jared Padalecki was just a tall guy with no
muscle to speak of. It seems as if he has been hitting the gym a lot through
the years to fit the hunter role. I find that he really packed on some size
when he still had the devils powers and especially after he came back from

Skinny guy in gilmore girls to the supernatural monster ass kicking hunter

celebs sure do know how to pack on some nice quality size, when most people
pack on size they first become fat then cut but most of them remain fat because
they cannot control the most important part of any workout out plan, the diet.
These celebrities get it right all the time, just look at how Jared went from a tall skinny guy in Gilmore Girls to tall muscular monster slayer in Supernatural.

The lean muscular look

managed to put on lean muscle without adding fat to his frame. He is naturally
a very skinny guy so it must have taken a lot of effort and hard work to attain
the lean muscular look that he has now. He is very tall which makes it even
more difficult to pack on muscle because the big and long frame is difficult to
fill especially if like Jared you were born with skinny genetics. He has now
managed to build himself a perfectly balanced body for his body type and
height. This is the kind of body women find attractive and other tall guys
should aim for if they care about attracting babes.

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How you can get this type of body if
you are tall with skinny genetics

If you look
carefully at pictures of Jared you will notice that the muscular parts that
stand out are his arms, shoulders, chest and abs. Having skinny genetics means it’s
harder to pack on muscle but the advantage is that it is harder to gain enough
muscle to look bulky as well so you can pretty much do any work out and you
would not look bulky. Jared stands at 6’4” so he is pretty tall, unlike other
celebrities who are naturally big and the same height like the Rock he is
naturally skinny so doing compound exercises would really help a skinny guy to
gain mass. 

The compound exercises would bring about whole body muscle growth
and because the compound exercises also workout large body parts like your back
and legs they increase secretion of Growth Hormone which will help you grow
your target muscles like your shoulders, chest and arms so that you get the
lean Hollywood look and shape.

For abs
there are multiple abs workouts that you could do that work provided you target
the lower and upper abdominal region as well as your oblique’s. I have found
that a simple workout such as a combination of sit-ups and hanging leg raises
can get you the ripped abs you desire.

Keep Pushing

All the
effort in the gym is worth nothing if you do not eat enough protein to enable
your muscles to grow and recover. Also you should have enough rest and sleep to
allow proper muscular growth and recovery. You will find that if you are a
skinny guy you can get away with a lot in terms of eating but you get the best
results faster when you are eating a diet that is conducive to Muscle Building.

I hope this
post will inspire some skinny guys to put in effort at the gym or even to keep
pushing it if they have not been seeing results at the gym. Getting a great
body takes time that is why you appreciate it when you get to the point where
you feel you have a great looking body because you know you have worked hard to
get to that point.

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