I am as strong as I have ever been, yet I am tiny and not using any supplements

healthy eating for lean bulking

In February I started a new job that had long hours 9am-6pm, it was on the opposite direction as my gym and frankly I was tired every day after work, I din’t really want to go to gym I just wanted to relax. I lost a lot of my hardness and I thought I had lost a lot of weight but when I weighed myself in May when I went back to gym, I still weighed around 79kg which was not bad. I realised then that I had to figure out a way to have enough energy after work to go to the gym, or I had to start being one of those people who goes to gym in the morning before work ( BTW I am not a morning person). Another option would be to join a gym either close to where I stay or close to where I work.

I hit the gym for 6-7 weeks before I got busy with projects and school stuff, during that period I was so weak and I was losing weight each week, I had been able to maintain a higher less muscular body weight before because I was inactive sitting on a chair the whole day, now that I was back to gym I was losing the excess bodyweight.

Then came a period of project submissions and exams so I didn’t go to the gym for about a month and a half until 3 weeks ago when I weighed in at 74.5kg (see picture below). in the first week, lifting was a struggle but I did not feel as weak as I was when I went back to gym in May. By week two I was lifting some decent weights had gained some weight back as I was eating more. At the end of week 3 I felt as strong as I ever was (the strongest I was, was back in 2013 December), Managing to bench 110kg (incline press machine) for 10 reps, leg press 200kg (even though I managed 240kg in 2013 I feel I can manage 240 this week), 160kg hack squat (only went to 100kg for normal squat in week 2), 40kg on each arm for seated row, 140kg lat pull down. Went up to 45kg for barbel curls at end of week 3.

small but strong

I want to do machine workouts especially for chest for a while, then I want to go and train using dumbbells just to change things as I have always used a barbell in the past. I am currently weighing 77kg now at the beginning of week 4, the muscle hardness and shape is coming back. I am looking forward to lifting heavier to see where I can get.

As far as food is concerned I try and eat 4 times a day, just to make sure I am eating around or above 2500 calories. I have not been using supplements. I just bought Jungle Ultra cereal which I drink mixed with milk before I go to gym ( I still eat jungle oats for breakfast every morning). My body recovers quickly now after workout sessions, its only in week 1 where I was in pain for a week after leg day, after week 2 leg day I was fine (I felt a little pain but not enough to make me walk funny).

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