5 reasons why I stopped bulking at 87kg (192lbs)

So the last time I posted I was weighing 84kg (185lbs) and had just gotten mass gainer to help me reach my goal of reaching 90kg (198lbs) for my bulk before I started cutting. The short story is that in August I reached my highest weight ever of 87kg (192lbs) but could not continue beyond that point. The long story as to why I could not bulk beyond that point I shall explain below.

5 reasons why I stopped bulking at 87kg (192lbs)

Reasons I stopped bulking at 87kg

1. I was eating a tonne of food and protein powder in the form of mass gainer and I felt like it was not worth it to eat even more as I would only get fatter and not more muscular just to gain an extra 3kg.
2. Related to 1 above I was getting way too fat and not feeling like myself, putting on 12kg (26lbs) of weight in a short span of time will do that to you. I had not really been training abs since I was bulking even though I had planned to it din’t happen so I was starting to get a bit of a pot belly which I did not like. 
3. My deadline for my bulk was up and even though I did not reach 90kg (198lbs) I was only 3kg (7lbs)short so I felt that mass gain was enough for now.
4. I started getting busy and did not have as much time to prep food and go to gym (which is also why I have been kind of quiet on the blog).
5. All my clothes were beginning not to fit me especially my pants most of which became skinny jeans, my slim fit stuff became tights. Some pants stopped fitting me altogether and some got torn. I had not budgeted for an increase in spending on food and getting a new set of clothes since I was not planning to stay that big for a long time. The only stuff that fit me properly were track suit pants and shorts.

After August I was not training as often as before and no longer using mass gainer so my caloric intake decreased as I was no longer officially bulking so my weight went down to a steady 85kg (187lbs) which has been consistent ever since but now I want to do cut, preferably a slow cut so I am reasonably defined with a proper six pack without being too lean.

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