Get bigger arms Part 2 – Tricep Workout

Increasing arm size

In part 1 I wrote about increasing biceps and shared my current bicep workout, today I want to the second part that is necessary if you want to improve the appearance and size of your arms. In order to increase your arm size you have to have big triceps, they are bigger than your biceps, so instead of just training biceps for big guns you need to train triceps even harder so that your arm looks big as a whole and you physique looks more balanced.

constantly building bigger arms

I like every other newbie at gym went straight to bicep curls when I first joined and to me gym equalled big guns but the more I researched the more I started learning that if I wanted to increase my arm size and appearance I had to do more then just bicep curls. I realised that if I wanted to look like I workout when wearing t-shirts I had to train my triceps. When began concentrating on growing my triceps that is when people started to see a difference in my physique since most people saw me when I was fully clothed, that is when girls started complimenting my arms and how toned they were.

So below I will put my triceps workout:

Dips – Some people do bench dips but I prefer a dip which forces you to use your triceps to lift your whole body weight for example if you are in between two bars which are parallel to the floor above waist height and a little more than shoulder width apart, you could lower and raise your whole body using your triceps to push up and control yourself when you are going down. You could do as many of these as you can or break it up into sets of high reps (20-25). When you get used to your own body weight, you could use extra weight to do weighted dips e.g carry a bag with weight on your back while you do these.

triceps create the curve at bottom of arm

Rope press down – I go for 4 sets increasing the weight with each set, and decreasing the reps from 12 reps downwards.

French press on flat bench – 4 sets of decreasing reps grab a relatively light weight for good form.

Seated tricep push down – This tricep push down machine is awesome for working triceps, try packing on the weight here, I usually start of light and by the 4th set I’m pushing down as heavy as I can.

There are a lot of other workouts that target triceps which are not directly triceps workouts but they do a really good job, such as close grip bench press and close grip push-ups. For triceps to grow it is more about     volume, you could train them for many sets and reps at a high intensity if you want to see great results.

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