Update on Muscle Gain, Workouts, Cutting, Change of Diet

 It’s been a while
since I wrote about my progress and seeing as it is the end of the year I find
it fitting that I post some progress pictures and an update on what I have been
doing since my last update (I don’t even remember when that was). Also if you
are reading this it means that the world did not end on the 21st of
December, so I am wishing you a merry Christmas and an of the chains New Year.
I hope that you guys have had an awesome 2012 and are planning on having an
even better 2013. If your year did not go so well, that is fine too, rebuild
and concentrate your efforts on achieving all your goals in 2013, do not forget
2012 but learn from the mistakes you made during the past year.
bigger arms biceps pose update
Arm/bicep pose pic taken in the morning on the 20th dec 2012
I have done Intermittent fasting and 5 meals per day and now
Okay now that that is out of the way, I am going to talk
about my progress. In the past year I have done a lot of experimentation, from intermittent
to eating 5 or more meals per day, each with their different
effects, pros and cons. I have written about my experiences before so I will
not repeat things that I have already written about.
What I will share with you is that I have not been
intermittent fasting or eating many times per day for the past couple months.
So what have I been doing? I have been trying to maintain and build muscle
whilst having a type of meal plan that anyone can keep up with which does not require
much effort. I still using the same rules I use even when I am fasting or
eating many times per day only I only eat the recommended 3 meals per day of
regular civilians.
Just to remind you of the rule, I eat more food meaning
bigger portions during workout days, and on rest days I eat less because I do
not need as much food especially carbs on rest days since I will not be as
active meaning I will use and need less energy. I always eat breakfast most of
the time I have eggs for breakfast, sometimes but not often I will have cereal
or maize porridge. I also eat plenty of fruit throughout the day, I do not
count fruit as a meal but just a snack usually apples and bananas but sometimes
I have an orange as well and occasionally some peaches, mulberry and plums. I
often have two meals on non workout days as I find I am not hungry and have no
desire to eat, I also find it easier now to say no when someone offers me food
when I have already eaten, or junk food.
updated arm chest shoulder pic
Front pic taken back in the beginning of december 2012 
My Goal Physique
I always said I wanted to get to 90kg’s and then cut to 85kg
but that is not necessary, I judge my goal physique by the way I look rather
than the weight on the scale so I might be happier being under 80kg’s if I look
awesome and ripped at that weight. Take Ryan
for example he is a top fitness model and he is on the cover of a
magazine like muscle and fitness and he is only about 80kg, he has an aesthetic
muscular body at a low bodyweight and looks much bigger than he is. If I could
have a Ryan Terry physique at around 80kg I would be happy with that.
update of front shoulders and chest
B/W pic of upper body with untidy  hair you may have noticed that I have  a mini Afro going on now, wanted to see how long I can go without a hair cut.

My Workout
I am still using my one body part per day workout program
and I adjust it on weeks where I do not have enough time to a 4 or 3 day split
so that I get all my body parts in on the action. I also still like
incorporating bodyweight exercises in my workouts as I feel like they add
something to the workout or at the very least could serve as great warm
up sets
. Rest is just as important as the workout itself, the other 23
hours of your day are just as if not more important than the hour you spent in
the gym ( read something to that effect on twitter just the other day).

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