Ripped Abs In December – Progress Update

Hey guys, Its been a while since I last posted here. The last progress update I wrote was in July when I had lost about 10kg (20lbs) from Jan to June. I got back into full time gym and I started gaining my mass back in June and I shared how I was doing it here. I managed to gain back  about 4 kg (8.8lbs) in about a month between June and July. I then went back to school in the later half of July, back to living by myself and cooking for myself. I had planned to workout as often as I could, my aim being at least 3 times a week. I had planned to gain all of the mass I had lost and document it but that was not possible as I was very busy until now. I am going to share what happened from July until November and where I’m at now in terms of weight loss/gain.

eugene madondo ripped december 2014
How I look this december

So what happened from July till now?

Take a look at the picture above, that is how I look now in december. I was not able to gain more weight so I am around the same weight I was in July which is 75kg (165lbs). I am disappointed that I was not able to gain more weight but I am glad I was able to maintain my gains from June. I went to the gym as often as I could, at most I went to gym 3 times a week and there were weeks where I was really busy and I could not go to gym for a week or two but I would get back into regular gym sessions soon after that. I have noticed that most of my mass loss was from my legs and it has been really difficult to gain it back without regular leg training sessions, my pants still don’t fit me right.

Eugene Madondo december progress looking ripped

My goal in December and January is to go back to gym full time and try to gain back my mass so I go back to my original size of about 80kg (176lbs), and I want to gain back my leg size from before so that my pants fit me again, I have a really tiny waist at the moment (32 inch pants don’t fit me). I will keep you guys updated on my progress in the next few weeks, you can expect workout vids, motivational vids and posts on my diet and what supplements I am using (I’m currently only taking creatine monohydrate).

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