Its bulky time, time to get big by eating big and training like a beast

People in the northern hemisphere are gearing up for the summer and in fitness terms that means they are getting cut so that they look ripped, to showcase the muscle gained during the long and cold winter. Others did not bulk (at least not intentionally) during the winter so they might just want to get a beach body by losing a few kilo’s. Most of my blog readers/visitors are from the northern hemisphere so I guess most of you guys are getting shredded, but I am going in the opposite direction. I am bulking up to pack on some size, even though I was gaining lean muscle these past few months, I was not in bulk mode.

bulking like a saiyan
Its bulky time

Why am I bulking now?

First of all I am bulking because I have been in pseudo-cutting mode for a while now, and my goal is not to be a small or medium sized cut guy, I want to be big and cut at least appearance wise even if I am not really big weight-wise. The other reason is that I live in the southern hemisphere so it is autumn here right now and soon it will be winter so everyone is going to be covered up, so its the best time to get bulky while we hide from the cold in the comfort of warm  clothes (not that it would be cold here for you northern hemisphere guys but to us guys in the southern hemisphere who are used to temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, it is cold to wake up to temperatures at 0 degrees or anything under 5 degrees Celsius for that matter).
can you handle the bulk
can you handle me when I am bulking?
Also I do not follow the whole winter bulk/summer cut routine that some people follow, its just a coincidence that I am bulking now and not in the summer. Before I said I was cutting in Jan I had been on a constant bulk basically ever since I started lifting weights through all 4 seasons I would just bulk. 
Another reason for bulking now is to optimize the effectiveness of my arnold type workout plan, I feel I will get better results if I am in bulking mode while doing this program. Note that when I say I am bulking and cutting, I usually do not change my workout, I merely change the amount of food(calories) I eat. So when I say I am bulking I mean I will be increasing my food portions which have been restricted since Jan.
bulking up eating up
its time to eat a whole lot of food
I liked the results I was getting with my Arnold workout with decreased food portions, It gave me lean, hard, skin-tight muscle but I am looking forward to see what an increase in calories will do. Its a good thing I will be buying new winter clothes soon, my old clothes were getting too small for my comfort.

Dirty bulking vs clean bulking

There are basically two ways people bulk up, one way is eating anything and everything you can find, that includes eating a whole lot of junk food commonly referred to as a dirty bulk, this method is not preferred if you want serious muscle gain as it will give you more fat gain than muscle gain, also you will find that when you cut that you have not made much progress since you only got fatter during bulky season. The other method is more difficult but yields better results in terms of muscle to fat gain and that’s the clean bulk, its a lot less tasty but some people can make healthy food delicious, its expensive but can be made more affordable by replacing certain meals with protein powders.

Look at how shredded Dwayne “the rock” Johnson got by eating clean:

This is my reward for 150 consecutive days of eating clean.. One. Legendary. Day. Work hard and earn your rewards.. (and a few cavaties 😉 ~ the Rock 

the rock feasting
source: Facebook

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