3 Mass Gaining Tips for Skinny Guys

I used to be a skinny guy not so long ago and I managed to gain some mass. I receive emails on this blog and asks on Tumblr asking me how I got bigger or how to get big or which workout to do to get big. I am going to answer part of that question in this post. I see mass gain as a really simple process, its not easy but its a simple process and I share 3 easy to follow tips with you guys so that you can finally gain some muscles.

Here is a video I made sharing 3 tips to getting bigger:

Using the 3 tips I share in this video you will get bigger and build a better body. The kind of workout you do does not really matter at the end of the day, as long as it incorporates compound exercises and works out the whole body. You could even do only bodyweight exercises and still be able to build mass, it will take longer and you will have to do enough challenging exercises in enough sets and reps consistently to get results. We are all different so what works for me may not work for you so its always great to try different workouts and workout splits to see what works best for you, maybe your body responds better to more frequent training. We all have different genetics so some guys may be able to gain more muscle in a short period of time whereas it might take others longer to get the same results the key thing is to be patient, keep pushing and to never give up.

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