Why I don’t like doing cardio

Hey guys I have not been posting here on the blog as often as I want because I have been really busy this past month. I decided to make this short video of me talking about why I don’t like doing cardio, I go as far as saying I hate cardio. This does not mean cardio is bad, on the contrary there are a lot of benefits to different kinds of cardio, I have written about those benefits here on this blog before. All I am saying is that there are different ways to achieve great results, I just happen to not like using cardio to get shredded, I prefer to manipulate my caloric intake and use intermittent fasting to get results. Plus my body-type (endo-meso) gives me a sort of advantage, in that unlike an endomorph I require little effort to lose weight but I also find it more difficult to get bigger.

watch this video to hear what excuses I come up with for avoiding cardio like a plague:

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