Simple Tips to Lose Abnormal Body Fat

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Today one of the worlds most common health problems is obesity. Every
fourth person is fat and the problem is spreading with so many myths and bad
habits (well it depends on where in the world you are, some places are more affected then others). If you are in the same position and desperately want to lose abnormal
fat and to change yourself, here are some ways to get rid of that stubborn fat
and develop an attractive body encompassing physical fitness.

tips on eating healthy and losing abnormal fat in your body

Knowing what to eat

Your external body is a result of what you take in, so if you are
regular in your meals and have a balanced diet, half of your problem is solved.
It is essential to take vital nutrients in right proportions and in the correct

– To start with your fat loss
program, you have to fix your meal timing. Remember a healthy breakfast is
the first step towards your aim.You should eat 3 times a day; you
need to staple this rule in your regime. Include a lot of veggies, fruits
and fibrous food. Avoid junk food; they are only going to make you fatter.

– Eat in regular intervals and in small quantities as per your body’s
requirement. God has gifted you juicy fruits and nutritious vegetables to
eat, so please do not think of going for hunger strike, starving yourself
is the worst thing you could do.

– Drink as much water as you can
drink, liquids are excellent for your digestive system and skin. Start
your day with glass of water; it helps you to flush waste and improves the
flow of nutrients to all vital organs. Drink at least 10 to 15 glasses of
water daily.  You will stay
hydrated, you will stay fit.

– Avoid fast foods and junk foods;
they are your biggest enemy. So enjoy healthy eating process but do not
avoid it (it helps to have a cheat meal to help you stay sane and as a
reward for good eating behavior) and do not overdo it.

eating healthy gives you a healthy body and helps you burn fat more
Healthy Food has never looked Better

Doing the right exercises

When you have decided your diet chart and are following it, you
should simultaneously workout to burn existing fat in your body.

– Get up early in the morning, go
for a walk for 10 minutes, then slowly jog for 4-5 minutes, slow down and
walk for 10 minutes again. This is great exercise for burning fat as well
as gaining peace of mind. The morning calmness is incomparable, and you
should take full advantage of nature’s gift.

– If you are not into jogging, you
can start your day with some simple yoga poses, breathing exercise and fat
burning exercises. Regular practice of yoga is going to reduce your age
signs as well as make your fit and flexible.

– In the evening you can do some
aerobics, it would be fun, and you would lose calories. For exercise, you
should first do some warm up exercise to reduce chances of injury during
exercises. The slimming process includes fat burning and muscle building,
so exercises should have both goals in mind.You should go for periodic
circuit training like lunges, pushups, squats, pull ups for 3 sets
constituting 15 repetitions each and 30 second planks (you go from one
exercise to the next without a break, then take a short rest between sets
and repeat all exercises again). This is a super fat burner which targets
the entire body.

– Crunches followed by leg raises
are excellent for build abs and burning abdominal fat.  You should perform 3 sets of each
followed by one minute of skipping rope. This will help you burn fat
faster to reveal your hard earned abs.

Staying motivated is one of the key points for slimming down. You
should accept yourself and work hard to make yourself look better. Motivation
will help you to follow daily routine, and you would get quicker results in
losing abnormal fat. Lastly, LOVE YOURSELF because nobody can be YOU.

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