I’m Getting Lean Without Doing Cardio – Progress Pics

So its been a few weeks of me doing my Arnold type split, I will make a video showing my progress in 8 days time, I feel that videos show more detail than pictures or at least that is what I have noticed with my previous Pictures v Videos. I have not been doing cardio, I feel my new workout is burning enough calories to burn fat. That is what fat loss is about burning calories, others need to do cardio especially if they are endomorphs but I am an ecto-mesomorph and lose weight pretty easily doing cardio will just get me back to the super skinny guy I once was. Check this post about metabolism if you want to figure out what body type you are and how it affects weight gain and fat loss.

I wanted to share a couple of pics I took a few days ago just to show how skinny (oh I meant lean) I have gotten from just decreasing calories and working out hard every week. I took these pics a few days ago but they still count…haha.

6 pack abs, lean without cardio
I woke up saw that my abs were looking good and tried to take a photo, unfortunately the lighting is not very good and I could not find someone to take a picture of me from the direction where the light was coming from. So in this picture you can basically see that I am skinny now, abs are there but not really visible in this pic. Video will rectify this.
losing weight with no cardio
Actually this is the first pic I took, then I went looking to see if I could get a better picture elsewhere.  I like how  it looks like my shoulders are getting wider or at least appear wider, supported by the chest and lats then curving down to my narrow 30 inch waist.

*side note: cardio has many benefits other than just fat loss, in this post I am just saying if losing fat is your goal, it does not necessarily mean you need to do cardio. You may just need to do a little cardio but not a whole lot like cardio everyday or after every workout, that is for extreme cases like elite athletes, fitness models who are lean and want to stay super cut, endomorphs who want to get ripped and over weight people who are usually endomorphs or mesomorphs who aren’t active. Ectomorphs who are inactive that I know are usually skinny fat if they are out of shape. Ectomorphs like fitness model Marc Fitt or Josef Rakich do not do cardio and are super ripped because their body already does a good job burning calories and they train intensely.

Okay that is all, be sure to come back around 8 days from now to see the video that will mark my 4th Week on the Arnold type split.

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