What is the best workout in the world?

People like knowing what is the best [INSERT SOMETHING] in
the world. We are a competitive species there has to be a winner and loser in
whatever we do, we want results…no I mean we want the best results. So anyone getting into fitness will want to know what
the best workout program is to gain muscle fast or to lose weight in the
fastest time possible. There is just one thing though, that question is
not easy to answer. A lot of fitness, weight loss and diet products out there
claim to be the best because the word “best” lures people in. We think why
should we just settle for good results why not get the best result?

What kind of workout
is the best for gaining muscle or losing weight?

So I am going to go ahead and tell you that most workouts
work, some may lie and claim to achieve certain results in unrealistic time
just so you buy them. For example never buy anything that promises you 30lbs of
lean muscle gain in a month or two, you will have to be a beginner and have the
right genetics to be able to do that in a year or you would have to take
illegal supplements as well as work your butt off in the gym to achieve such
ridiculous results.

What is the best workout in the world?
SUN’s OUT GUNS OUT|gymandmotivation

Also never buy something that promises you super fast weight
loss, every week…sure obese people often lose big weight their first couple
of weeks training and dieting but that is mostly water weight and things slow
down as they slim down to normal size. So if you are not obese or overweight by BMI standards do not expect to
lose 10lbs every week and do not buy anything that promises things like that
because you are setting yourself up for disappointment and whatever it is its probably unhealthy and cannot be maintained for a long period of time (in which
case you will gain back all the weight you lost).
Some women fear weight while other embrace weight and become fitness goddesses
Eleonora Dobrinina trains with weights while some women fear weights so its all about personal choice

Different Workouts
Work for Different People

How well a workout works for you will depend of what your
goals are for example someone training for an endurance sport does not train
like someone training to compete in a power-lifting competition. So if you just
want to get fit and have abs, you may not necessarily train like someone who is
training not only to be fit but to get big and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger
in his prime. Also people training to get strong powerlifting style often use
low reps and super heavy weights doing basically 3 lifts (squats, bench press
and deadlifts) and they usually have a lot of bodyfat compared to bodybuilding
type guys who use all kinds of reps but mostly 8-12 range and use different
kinds of weights and a range of isolation and compound exercises to get super
shredded to very low bodyfat percentages.
Also if you are trying to get fit and have a nice body to
the general public you don’t even need to join a gym, you can train using
calisthenics at home or a local park. If you want a body that is well muscled
from neck to calves you have to join the gym or lift weights but even then the
workout you choose to do (you will probably try different workouts until you
find one that works for you, even then you will change it every once in a while
to break plateaus).
Doing a workout that matches your personality and that is
fun for you is the best way to get results because you will stick to it longer
and therefore get results a lot of the time people fail to reach their fitness
goals because they quit too early and there was no progression in their
workouts. So some people prefer to go train in groups so that they feel like
some sort of a community. Think about cults like cross fit. Some people would
rather work out at home but with an instructor so workout programs like Insanity
and P90X work best for them. Calisthenics is also a big thing nowadays with
people forming calisthenics crews and competitions.

Body type also affects the way you train and which workout fits best with your goals

3 bodytypes and how it affects workout and training
3 Body Types
In addition to what I have just written above people with different body types have to train differently in order to look the same. For example on stage at a fitness competition you may see all these ripped guys at extremely low BF but all of them have a training style that works for them, an endomorph does not train the same way an ectomorph or a meso morph trains, he probably has to work twice as hard to get ripped and stay ripped, an endomorph has to eat the cleanest and do the most cardio, where as an ectomorph probably found it easier to slim down and finds its easier to stay ripped, he may actually not even do cardio but is ripped. The ectomorph also probably found the gaining of the muscle the hardest part of getting ready for the competition. The Mesomorph probably found it the easiest to get ready, he bulked up nicely and did some cardio and cleaned up his diet to shred away the fat keeping as much muscle as he could, but it doesn’t mean it was easy for him. Just that his journey was easier than the other two. Check out this article I wrote about body type and metabolism and how it affects weight gain.

Good form will get you far

Also if you are going to be lifting weights good form is more important than the heaviness of the weight you are lifting (good form gets you far no matter what type of training you are doing), you want to get the best of every weight you lift, you don’t want the weighting getting the best of you from the get go, if so you are asking for injury and robbing yourself of gains. Lifting to get big is about getting the best of the weight with good form for the first few reps and getting more tired with every rep until towards the end of your set the weight starts to get the best of you. Here are some tips on good form when doing heavy compound exercises (which are great for gaining mass)…

Be Patient, Sweat for
a bit

So just choose a workout program that fits your
lifestyle the best, choose a workout that you enjoy. This will allow you to
stick to it and as you progress in the level of lifts or exercises you do, you
will also make progress in appearance and strength as well.   Consistency is what it is all about, get rid of all this get quick results mentality and realize that great bodies come
with time and hard work, read this article to read how much muscle you can expect to gain naturally each year (get educated by gurus).Work hard, be patient and you will get a kick ass
body. Peace out!

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