The secret to getting bigger is sleep

Many people often think that training is the most important
part of gaining muscle, but this is not true. Your muscles do not grow during
your workout they grow during your times of rest. In this rest period sleep is the
most important aspect of this resting period to grow and recover your muscles
from the damage caused by your workout.

Making More Hours
in a Day Is Counter-productive

Many people especially students and young people have a very
hard time finding enough time in the day for all their daily activities such as
studying/working and going out at night time to clubs, pubs and restaurants
till the early morning hours. We drink all sorts of stuff like Redbull to help
us stay awake for longer. We do all we can just to stay awake for longer.
Even older people are busy and are up till the wee hours of
the morning clicking away on their computers. Everyone has such busy schedules
and we all try by all means to utilise most of the hours in the day.
Even though we think that using up more time in our day is
productive, it is actually counterproductive when it comes to your efficiency
on the next day and it is definitely counteractive to all the effort you put in
the gym. There is a reason doctors say we should sleep at least 8 hours a day
and I will explain that reason in detail below as well as why sleeping is key
in building a great body.

We all want to make lean gains, sleeping takes us a few steps closer to achieving that built up body.

The Importance of
Sleep for Muscle Building Anabolic Hormones

All bodily processes such as hormonal regulation and
physiological processes are controlled by a 24 hour daily pattern called the
circadian rhythm.
You see sleeping is important in regulation of hormones and
physiological processes because some hormones are secreted when you are asleep
and is it dark for example melatonin which is known as the hormone of darkness.
If you do not sleep you end up disturbing this cycle and you feel like crap the
next day. This will affect your daily activities, since we are talking about
muscle building here this will affect your energy levels and thus also your
workout intensity and lifts.
The quality of sleep is more important than the duration of
sleep for example it is better to sleep for a complete undisturbed 8 hours than
to sleep 8 cumulative hours where you where waking up every couple of hours.
Our sleep is broken down into 2 main stages, Non-rapid eye movement (NREM)
sleep and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. NREM makes up 80% of our sleep time
and REM only makes up makes up 20% of our total sleep time.  
During NREM sleep our levels of growth
hormone rise and peak whereas cortisol levels decrease. During REM sleep is
when the majority of our dreams occur this is also the period where
testosterone levels increase at a rapid rate and our metabolic rate also
increases during this stage.
So sleep has an effect on our endocrine hormone balance,
both stages contribute towards proper functioning of our system, they control
the increase of the anabolic hormones testosterone and growth hormone which are
the muscle we need to get bigger and stronger. If this cycle is disturbed than
all our muscle building efforts fall short.
And finally I want to say that not sleeping will make your
body enter a catabolic state, where there will be increased cortisol secretion
which will lead to muscle protein break down, high blood pressure and increased
fat storage among other things.

Find a Way to Have
Long Quality Sleep

This is not what you want if you want to build muscle, so
get enough sleep because sleep is as important as the workout itself. Start
doing all your tasks by a certain time period and try to sleep early so that
you get quality sleep and wake up feeling fresh. You can choose the task by
prioritising and making sure you complete other tasks ahead of time so that you
do not have to stay up the whole night before that task is due. Also avoid or
limit drinking coffee, Redbull or any other caffeinated drinks after

One last note, sleep in total
darkness for undisturbed quality sleep.

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