Slow Progress – The Past 7 Weeks 5 Day Workout Split

At the beginning of June I began training using a 5 day
split. The previous 6 weeks I had been on a intermittent fasting and compound
exercises workout program. I had seen a lot of weight gain using that method
but I had felt that I could have gotten better results with a few tweaks in the
way I had been doing the program e.g. doing more cardio or working out more
often. I chose to increase the number of days that I work out, so that I could
sustain a higher metabolic rate, burn more calories and minimise the need to do
cardio (since I am not a fan of cardio, especially steady state cardio). I also
wanted to concentrate more on individual muscle groups so that I got the best results
I decided that I would refocus on my abs since during the
previous 6 weeks had paid very little attention to my abs especially the hard
to bring out lower abs.  I also wanted to
focus on my weaker muscle groups, to bring them out more, which meant that I
focused on building my shoulders. In the past I did not do much direct shoulder
work, it used to be a couple of sets of shoulder exercises for 10 reps and that
was it, then I would move to another body part. I realised that for body parts
like my chest and shoulders, I realised that I was going to have to do as many
sets as possible with challenging weights until I was unable to continue.  One of the top fitness models Matus Valent
uses a high volume workout for his well built chest, so I figured it would not
hurt(my progress that is, as for the pain, well that is the name of this game).

A few words about fitness

Results after 7 Weeks

I have seen some good results but at this point in time the
results are not huge, I have noticed some developments in the places I was targeting
such as my abs and shoulders. I will continue to use this workout program for
the next 6 weeks as well to give it more time, to see how much progress I can
get from this approach. I was using the 5 day split for 6 weeks and during the
7th week I took the whole week off just to recover. I also think
well timed breaks help to break through plateaus.
I will not be posting pictures today because I have not
found the time to take some but also because I feel there is not much change in
my physique that necessitates a new picture. I will post one at the end of the
next 6 weeks.
Oh and I almost forgot to add this bit, but during the first
four weeks I was doing the whole breakfast thing, waking up first thing in the
morning and eating some eggs ( and that was fine), but eventually I ended up
doing the no breakfast thing again only eating my first meal at lunch. So I sort
of went back to the intermittent fasting thing. I guess I have become
accustomed to it, I chose not to include intermittent fasting with a 5 day
split because I thought It would not workout, because I would not have energy
to lift weights as often as I wanted but it turns out my body adapted really
well to working out 5 days a week and fasting intermittently every day.

I do feel that I have been under eating on a
couple of off/rest days since I had no appetite, that may affect my progress.
Going forward into the next 6 weeks I am going full on intermittent fasting and
5 days of working out to see how that works.

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