Progress July-September

During the winter vacation in June/July I decided to do research on how to get the best results in the shortest period of time. I came across alot of opinions and expert suggestions on the net. It was during this period that I found, a site which interviews top and up and coming individuals in the fitness industry. I was very inspired to train harder so that sooner rather than later I will also have a physique that resembles that of the ancient Spartans and zulu warriors. One such individual was Joseph rakich who also went from being tiny to a lean ripped guy with some of the most cut abs I have ever seen. He some how manages to gain lean mass and maintain a low body fat while doing so.

 I also wanted to gain muscle without gaining too much body fat, but before I could maintain I had to bulk up first before even thinking about maintaining because all I had was a frame and I still needed to build my structure. I had always loved eating and never gained weight, but this time I was going to eat more than usual so that my caloric intake was high to allow for me to gain weight.

taken in aug

At the end of july when vac ended I decided to workout 4 days a week. Mondays I would do biceps and triceps, tuesday chest, wednesday shoulders, friday back and legs (only trained legs 1 time every 2 weeks). I used thursdays and weekends for rest. This schedule worked nicely, I felt I got the most from my workout if I concerntrated on specific body parts each day. I spent between and hour and an hour and a half at most in the gym. I lost 2 kg during vac because I was not using weights but quickly gained 3 kg in august. Progress was slow after july, the gains were not as big but the hardness and tightness of the muscle was noticable.


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