Is Visual Impact Muscle Building for You?

I am a fan of Rusty Moore’s and have been reading his
fitness blog Fitness Black Book for a couple years now, he is a very
controversial person who usually goes against the tide in the online fitness
world often filled with info geared towards people who want to gain bodybuilder
type physiques. His eBook Visual impact muscle building is one of the best selling fitness books on the internet because
he goes against what is said by most bodybuilding sites. Instead of training to
gain huge freakish muscles his book focuses on
training to look good, as in building an aesthetically pleasing functional physique.


Who Should Purchase
Visual Impact Muscle Building?

  1. If you are not into the whole bodybuilder look and just want
    to look good then visual impact is for you.
  2. If you want to build a physique that ordinary people outside
    the bodybuilding world find attractive and desirable then visual impact is for
  3. If you want a lean aesthetic, functional physique whereby you
    are still able to fit into normal sized jeans and pants then visual impact is
    for you.
  4. If you want to have a Hollywood type of body, for example if
    you want to have a body like Brad Pitt in fight club, Cam Gigandet, Taylor Lautner
    or Ryan Reynolds then visual impact is definitely for you.

Cam Gigandet lean aesthetic muscle
This is the kind of body that is visually appealing to the general population.

What do you get when
you purchase visual impact muscle building?

  1. Visual Impact Muscle Building is an affordable fitness manual
    which has 75 easy to read pages.
  2. In this book you will learn why the big 3 exercises of
    bodybuilding squats, dead-lifts and flat bench are great for size but they are
    not for everyone (chapter 1, page 8) and why they should not be done in the
    long run.
  3. You will also learn about the different types of muscle
    growth (chapter 2, page 14) namely Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy whereby there is an
    increase of cell fluid in the muscle cell and Myofibrillar Hypertrophy whereby
    the actual muscle fibre grows, it also teaches you about the different rep
    ranges for different kinds of muscle growth. 
  4. Visual Impact muscle building has 3 phases which last for 2 months each so that you have a lean aesthetic body in 6 months. Phase 1 teaches you
    how to build muscle size in the right areas (sarcoplasmic hypertrophy), Phase 2
    focuses on building muscle density and phase 3 focuses on maximizing your
    muscle definition.
  5. It also comes with extra’s like printable workout charts,
    227 pages of workout illustrations to show you how different exercises are done
    and to top that this fitness guide comes with a bonus section on how to get
    shrink wrapped abs at the end of phase III.
Watch This to Learn About The Shrink Wrap Effect

Do I agree with
everything Rusty says in Visual Impact Muscle Building?

I like the bodybuilding style training of using compound
lifts which include the squats, dead-lifts and bench press that Rusty
discourages but I understand his reasons for being against those lifts even
though he is not totally against them (it depends on how big or small your legs
are in proportion to the rest of your body and whether you already have big
legs which are starting to give you that rounded lower body shape) and I am a
huge fan of bodybuilders from the 70’s for example guys like Frank Zane, Arnold
Schwarzenegger and Serge Nubret .

Unlike the bodybuilders of today they had
aesthetic physiques, I like their training style and I use it myself but my
goal is not necessarily to look like those guys or guys in Hollywood, I want to be more
muscular than those Hollywood guys but I too do not want to look like a
bodybuilder, so my goal is more of a fitness model look. I adjust my training
to suit my physique goals with regards to the amount of weight I am lifting and
the exercises that I do. I believe that visual impact muscle building is a
great for beginners who just want to look great like those Hollywood actors and have lean functional muscles and
it also gives you a good foundation to be able to make your own workout programs in
future to fit your fitness goals at that time.

Are you interested in
trying out Visual Impact Muscle building?
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