Intermittent fasting – a solution to the bulk and cut method of gaining mass and looking great

Maintaining a low body-fat – staying lean

I am not the type that enjoys bulking, I like being lean most of the time. This means that I like gaining weight as in lean muscle mass without gaining extra fat. I am also not a fan of eating 5-7 small meals a day I am not accustomed to that, I much rather have less meals with more food. I used to eat about twice daily but I had large meals but a lot of time in between meals, I never lost weight or gained any for that matter but I stayed lean all year round, It was not planned at all and I was not into body-building at that stage but it seems I might have found a reason why that system of eating worked for me. Before I continue I would like to say that not eating for long periods allowed for me to enjoy the food more and eat more when it was time to eat.

Intermittent fasting:

So I’m not big on fasting or macro-nutrient cycling but I recently read about this intermittent fast technique and it resembled what I used to do without knowing I was doing it. Just to tell you how my day used to go in terms of meals, I would not eat breakfast and only eat some time in the afternoon, I had no appetite at breakfast time and I would be hungry in the afternoon and start playing catch-up the rest of the day eating a lot, but the funny thing is that I never lost any weight or gained any weight for that matter.

Now I find out about this intermittent fasting thing which can be used to gain muscle slowly while staying lean, this sounds awesome. I will share more about what it entails below.

low body-fat lean picture

I found a site on lean muscle gains and his way of doing this intermittent fasting is fast for 16 hours followed by 8 hours of feeding, now that I think about it this is sort of what I used to do, but with a few things missing to make the gains come which I am doing now (working out and eating enough protein). This method is not meant for all of us some people are more suited to 5-7 small meals a day type of diet.

 Eating a lot of protein is said to be important for fat loss and muscle gain and retention. Protein tends to make you feel full after eating therefore also preventing you from over-eating. So basically in terms of diet you should eat more on days when you are going to work out and less when you are in-active…to find out more about intermittent fasting go here.

I will find out more about this kind of plan and implement it, I as I have said above I think it’s my kind of thing.

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