I have gained 9kg (20lbs) in 3 months of bulking, 6kg (11lbs) to go

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Hey guys I started bulking in the second half of march this year, my goal was to gain as much mass as possible but ultimately my goal is to reach 90kg (198lbs) by August of this year. To kick start my bulk I bought USN Hardcore Whey gh and that helped me gain my first 5kg but after the first month I decided I going to stop using whey and bulk with just my diet, since then I have gained another 4kg. So I have progressed from 75kg to 84kg since the start of my bulk. I have 5 weeks to reach my goal of 90kg left and I am thinking of getting some whey and creatine to assist me in my bulk at this stage.

gaining 9kg in 3 months bulking

gained 9kg from 3 months bulking

gained 9kg from 3 months bulking

gained 20lbs from 3 months bulking
zulumuscle at 84kg, gained 9kg in 3 months

How I have been eating

I have been eating 4-5 times a day, 3000 or more calories a day even on rest days. My meals are large for lunch and supper, I have double servings at breakfeast (usually oats or weetbix) and I usually eat a snack between meals to help me eat over 3000 calories a day. I have started incorporating spinach and mushrooms, sweet potatoes, mixed veggies and yams into my meals in an attempt to eat healthier.

How I have been training

On average I work out 3 times a week so I started using a 3 day workout plan on day 1 I train back and biceps, day 2 its chest and triceps and day 3 its legs and shoulders. I alternate the workout days with rest days. I have not been doing any cardio as I am bulking.

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