Going back to weightlifting basics combined with intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting/compound workouts combo

Compound lifts are said to be the best exercises for whole body growth and gains in strength. I wanted to go back to the basics of lifting because they are what I initially used to gain weight the first time around. I am reverting back to a 3 day workout plan, in which I will do a whole body workout playing around with the reps during each of those days. In most of these exercises I will not do more than 10 reps and a lot of the workouts will only be 5 reps (3 to 5 sets). I am using information I have being reading from the lean gains blog and a sample workout for mass gaining I found while reading Men’s Health magazine.

So even though I wrote a post about my new intermittent fasting diet a couple of days ago, I started doing it a couple days before that. I was so excited and wanted to see how it would work for me, I want to see If I will make lean gains while maintain a low body fat, while also increasing my strength. I will share progress regarding this in the coming weeks/months.

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I break my fast at about 12pm everyday and I eat again at about 4pm an hour or hour and a half before I workout, then I usually have my biggest meal at around 8pm which just so happens to be my last meal followed by my 16hour fast. I like having 3 big meals since I want to gain mass. As I said before we will see where this program takes me.

The whole body workout I spoke about consists of only these exercises, 3 times a week: Dumbbell clean press, barbell bench press, barbell squat, dead lift, Pull-ups, bent over row, and barbell curl. I train abs on days when I am not doing the whole body workout.

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