An Update About the Past 4 Weeks on The Arnold Schwarzenegger Type Split

Four weeks ago I posted a video about my new workout split, today I update you on what I have been up to during those four weeks. This update is meant to share what I struggled with and how I dealt with those struggles. Also this update is the share the progress video I made yesterday which I have already shared on google plus, which some of you guys and girls would have already seen if you are in my circles or if you are subscribed to my YouTube channel. If you have not seen the video yet, check it out below and please give it a thumbs up if you liked it.

Abs in the video did not look their best because I was feeling bloated but the rest of the body was fine so I figured why not post the video.

4 Week Progress:

I have not weighed myself to see if I have gained or lost size because that is not my concern for the time being. My only concern is the way I look, I have been improving my weak points and shall continue to do so in my efforts to build a lean aesthetic physique. I want to eventually develop my shoulders and upper back so that they create an appearance like that of the great bodybuilders in the 60’s and 70’s ( a v-taper as some would call it).

Leg Development

I am not one of those guys who wants a well built upper body and an under developed lower body, but I am also not one of those guys who wants  massive tree trunks for legs, so big that I have a hard time finding suitable pants, I want legs that are proportional to the rest of my body. For the first time, I show my legs in this video, they are not anything to talk about but Training them twice weekly has improved them quite a bit. I have those naturally thickish legs in comparison to the rest of my body so I did not really want to add size to them at this stage of my development but rather to add the cuts to them.

4 week progress on Arnold's workout split
Video still from the video above of my Progress on Arnold split

Keeping up with the workout

I have been really consistent when it comes to making sure I do not miss any workouts over the past  four weeks. There were days where I felt so tired and did not think I would lift but I lifted anyways and I never regretted it, the workouts seemed to bring me back to life. Some days I would put in an extra set or two or add more weight than usual because I just felt great or super strong that day and on days when I felt weak and de-energized I just lifted lighter but did more reps to make up for it, what-ever I did I made sure I put in some effort and never missed a workout. Also I played around with the workout a bit since I did each body part about twice a week, sometimes I would replace a certain exercise like for example on chest day instead of doing dumbbell pull-overs I would do dumbbell flys instead or on arm/shoulder day instead of doing 21’s I would do concentration curls or standing barbell curls and on back/chest day again I would add 3 sets of dumbbell rows to the workout (on those occasions I mentioned above when I was all energized and felt strong).

Thank you for watching my progress video and following my fitness journey, make sure to check in again in a few weeks time to see what tweaks I have made and how much progress I have made. We can all do this, put your mind to it and you shall conquer.

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