Workout inspiration – fitness models around 5’10”- 5’11”

Workout Inspiration

Its always good to know in which direction you are headed in terms of your gains and the type of physique you want to have. So today I wanted to post a list of top fitness guys who have great physiques and are around the same height as me, which is the  5’10”-5’11” region. I could have put 6’0” as well but the guys I am going to list today just happened to be 5’10” or 5’11”. I wanted to see if the weight goal I am aiming for (around 185-190lbs) is good for aesthetics provided I am lean enough. It is also good to note that people don’t have similar body types and might not look the same at a same weight and bf, some need more mass in certain areas such as shoulders,chest or arms.

1. Charley Montreuil

– 5’11”, 200lbs (from his model mayhem portfolio). He is a body builder as well as a fitness model so in some places he is listed and around 220lbs ( this may be during off season, bulking). Catch him on

Charley Montreul Bodybuilder 5'11 workout motivation
Charlie Montreul bodybuilder gym motivation

2. Sean Harley

– Was a Bodyspace spokes model, fitness model and competitor, owns a gym and has an online fitness business at At 5’10” he weighs around 190lbs.

sean harley fitness model 5'10
Sean Harley fitness model 5’10


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3. A.J. Ellison

– Standing at 5’11, 198lbs he is a fitness model and fitness competitor. He used to run track back in highschool and college. Catch him on FB.

A.J Allison Fitness Model 5'10
A.J Ellison fitness model 5’11

4.  Rob Riches

– one of the top fitness models around, he share alot through social media and his youtube channel. This English dude who now lives and plies his trade in LA is 5’10” tall and weighs 185lbs (is extremely cut now and weighs less (180lbs) during competition time), its hard to believe since he looks so much more heavier in some of his pics and videos. Catch him on

Rob Riches Fitness model 5'10
Rob Riches Britain’s top fitness guy 5’10
Just look at that all these guys are around the same height as I stated before but their bodytypes are different and so they all have different weights were they feel, they look their best. What I did get from this list of awesome physiques is that I am shooting for the right target at 185-190lbs mark.

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