Women in fitness

women in fitness
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Well there are 3 kinds of women in fitness:

– Those that look good and compete in those bikini competitions and work as fitness models (all girls want to have a great body like that except maybe the ones with eating disorders and want to be skeletons)

– The ones who are in it as athletes to improve in sport and to help others reach their fitness goals, who push their bodies to their performance peaks.

– And finally the ones who are in it to look like monsters on steroids, see I don’t know how one who is feminine could ever want to look that scary and repulsive, especially if they are planning to attract the opposite sex ( I could tell you know that most guys don’t want a girl who looks like Ronnie Coleman or Arnold)

Sure some of the women in fitness maybe a combination of points 1 and 2, and that is awesome, but when females lift weights there is a point when it stops being hot and it simply becomes nasty, the same effect some girls feel when us guys get too big and veins start popping out. I am beginning to wonder if those females who have crossed that line between hot and disgusting notice that… how do you not notice when you start looking like a man?

And another thing I have noticed with most girls in fitness, a lot of them have fake breasts which may be because of excessive working out of the female chest, which does lead to the shrinking of boobs into more hardened male bodybuilder like chest. I am not for or against breast augmentation but another contributing factor may be that the number of people having cosmetic surgery in general has increased and it is normal to have boob jobs or nose jobs or what ever else that’s been popularised by Hollywood.

As much as fit women are hot and are in the dreams of many males, it is important to know that there is a fine line between fit and sexy and fit and too jacked. Ladies going into fitness do so with caution, being fit has many rewards but do not cross that hot line.

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