The Olympia 2012 Where Legends Were Made

Phil Heath took the main prize at the Olympia 2011, everyone
was looking forward to yet another Cutler vs Heath Olympia but Jay did not make
it to this year’s Olympia. So it was up to the others to give heath a run for
his money if he was to be crowned Mr Olympia for the second year in a row.
After not competing in the Olympia 2011 Branch Warren was back this year
although he did not place in the top 3 he did relatively well placing fifth in
the Olympia 2012. I am here to give you the top 3 positions in the Olympia 2012
to show you who are the top dogs in bodybuilding this year and who to look out
for in the future. 

So without further ado here are the world’s biggest most
ripped muscle beasts:

At number 3 this year’s surprise came in the form of Shawn Rhoden,
who has the most amazing shape. He is said to be the fastest rising star in
bodybuilding and could challenge for the Olympia title in the years to come.
Shawn Rhoden Mr Olympia of the future
Shawn Rhoden awesome shape
Rhoden height 1.78m (5’10”), weight 108kg (240lbs)
In second position was the ever improving Kai Greene who had
his best showing at this year’s Olympia, even though it was not enough to beat
the reigning champion he did give heath a run for his money.
Kai Greene came close to winning Olympia 2012
Kai Greene is a beast
Greene height 1.73m (5’8”), weight 116kg (256lbs)
At number one it comes as no surprise that Phil Heath has
defended his title even though he was not in the same top condition that he was
in last year when he beat 4 times Mr Olympia Jay Cutler. Despite him not being
in his best shape and condition, it was still enough to beat the competition.
Mr Olympia 2012, 2011 Phil Heath
Phil Heath the champ
Heath height 1.75m (5’9”), weight 111kg (246lbs).
The Olympian always has its rivalries and surprises which make
it entertaining, this year’s Olympia was no different and I am looking forward
to see what happens next year and who will rank in the top 3. Also 2008 Mr
Olympia Dexter Jackson had a great showing this year finishing forth so that
was also great to see. I am looking forward to see Cutler, Heath, Greene,
Rhoden, Jackson, Warren battle it out next year to see how they swap spots.

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