The Most Buff, Ripped, Jacked Rugby Players in the World

Rugby players are some of the toughest athletes in the
world, because rugby is a tough rough and violent sport requiring great speed
and/or power. These guys have to engage in functional training so that they
pack on muscle so they are not tossed around but still are able to be athletic
since rugby is a sport after all. The end result of all this functional
training is a jacked up physic with low body fat for those who manage to train
the right way. In this post I will give you some people who have got their
training right and have got the jacked up physiques most men will only dream of
having and most ladies want in their men.
Sonny Bill Williams – 1.91m and 108kg
sonny bill williams muscles shirtless newzealand
Sonny Bill Williams aesthetic muscle
Sonny Bill is one of the most famous rugby players in the
world, he play for the All Blacks. He is a New Zealand Rugby League and Rugby
Union player who is also a heavyweight boxer with 5 fights which are all wins 3
being by KO.

Pierre Spies – 1.94 and 107kg
pierre spies muscles topless blue bulls sprinboks
Pierre Spies Huge Rugby Muscle
Pierre is a South African Rugby player with one of the most
impressive physique with both size and cuts, he also moves pretty well for a
man of his size. He plays for the Blue Bulls in Super Rugby and domestic

Sebastien Chabal – 1.91m and 114kg
sebastien chabal french rugby player shirtless muscles
Sebastien Chabal French Rugby beast Muscle
Sebastien is a beast of a man with a beard known as the
caveman. He is a Frenchman who plays for the French rugby national team and
Racing Metro 92 Paris the French domestic rugby league.
Thom Evans – 1.83m and 91kg
Thom evans scottish rugby player kelly brook boyfrriend shirtless muscles
Kelly Brooks Boyfriend Rugby muscle
Thom is a Zimbabwean born retired (due to serious neck
injury) Scottish Rugby player turned model. He used to play wing for Glasgow
Luke O’Donnell – 1.85m and 103kg
luke o'donnell muscles shirtless rugby aussie
Australian Luke O’Donnell Rugby muscle
Luke is an Australian professional Rugby League player who
plays for the North Queensland Cowboys of the National Rugby League.

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