The end of 6 weeks of intermittent fasting and compound exercises

So it’s been a while since I posted an update of my
intermittent fasting and compound exercise combo, I did not have much to say so
I decided I would save the review kind of process for the end when I was
changing my workout plan.
Today I will discuss what I did wrong and what I have learnt
from this experience, what I would do differently if and when I decide to do
this type of combination again in future. I want to also talk about what I am
going to do now, what are my physique goals for the next couple of months.
skinny muscle
this is the spider man muscle pose, but unfortunately no spider web thingy coming out. 

My Experience with
the IF/Compound Exercise combo

About 7 weeks ago I started doing this intermittent fasting
thing, having my last meal at 8pm and not eating until sometime around or after
lunch. For the first week  I struggled
adjusting to the change of meal timing, you see for the past year or so I had
become accustomed to eating 4 to 5 medium size to big meals to make up for my
increased metabolic rate and to become bigger. Not eating for an extended
period of time was a horrible experience at first, I felt like my own stomach
was consuming itself.
Eventually I got used to it and I would have 3 big meals between
lunch and supper, but I noticed that in conjunction with how I was feeling on
the day (my mental state), some day’s  I
would not feel hungry and even if I was hungry I did not eat much. This
decreased appetite is great for someone looking to lose some fat but it was not
good for me because I want to gain more weight so I ended up forcing myself to
eat more. I found it easier to eat more on workout days especially after my
workout because that is when my metabolic rate is at its peak, and I can eat
without having to worry too much about over eating (because my diet is composed
of many carbohydrates which are a major contributor to fat gain).
I found it especially difficult to combine IF with compound
exercises in the first couple of weeks because I found that since my energy
levels took a dip while I was still adjusting to the change of meal timing, so
it was difficult to do the compound exercises because compound exercises are
some of the most physically demanding workouts because they train your whole
I worked out 3 times a week using the same compound
movements on each day with a slight variation of reps in the lower ranges. With
this kind of meal timing it is best to work out only 2 or 3 times a week’s so
that your body recovers properly and you do not deplete your energy levels (you
still need to function properly as a human outside the gym).
side view chest view makes look bigger than I am, oh and im growing an afro, have tried and failed before hehe

What I would do

If I were to go back to 6 weeks ago I would have given
myself a week to just get used to the change in meal timing instead of going
full blast into the compound exercising routine. I would do simple body weight
exercises during this week period while I adjust. I had a lot of distractions,
in terms of my eating, I should have eaten more protein and less carbs since
the bulk of my diet consisted of carbohydrate. Eating less carbs would make it
easier to gain mostly muscle and less fat. I went on a long distance trip and
when I returned home my whole routine was sort of disturbed, it took me a while
to get back to my regular workout routine (about a week). So I believe that out
of the 6 weeks, 4 out of those 6 weeks were consistent working out and IF, even
those 4 weeks could have been improved and could have ultimately yielded even
better results.

So What Now- What
Is My Next Move

I gained weight doing this compound exercises, my arms are
thicker especially width wise not the peak of the bicep. My back is put on some
mass, especially my lats. From doing lower back work, I noticed my obliques are
starting to thicken again. I noticed my pants were either now tight or do not
fit me anymore. And on the negative side my butt is bigger now, from doing all
those squats.
I was not doing any cardio when I was using IF because IF
minimises fat gain and I did not want to spend even more energy doing cardio
when I was already struggling to use the energy I had to do compound lifts. I
did not do abs exercises for most of the past 6 weeks; I did the occasional
sit-up after my long distance trip a couple weeks ago, and just yesterday I did
about 120 sit-ups in 1 rep.
Going forward I am going to add some cardio into my routine
at least once per week, I also want to again do abs exercises because I have neglected
my abs for the past 6 weeks, especially focusing on thickening and bringing out
the lower abs. I was reminded of the importance of having great abs last night
when I was in the forums of, where Josef Rakich was posting
his pictures of him at 5% body fat; that was truly inspirational.
weird grin thingy front pose makes me look leaner than I am

I have two workout
strategies I have been thinking that are in line with my current physique goals
(more on this later on in this post):

Workout strategy 1: I
want to continue working out 3 times a week using mainly compound exercises at
low reps for their mass building potential, but I also want to put in some
isolation movements so that I target the body parts I want to add detail to. I
find that whole body movements have helped me ad a bit of size to all parts of
my body but now I would like to choose which parts I want to add more size to.
The workout would be split into three different workouts for
each week, one of the workouts would be for the upper body development only
using a combination of isolation exercises and compound exercises. I felt that
my previous workout of only doing the flat bench was limiting in adding detail
and size to chest.
The second workout would be for lower back and lower body compound
exercises and some calf raises. And finally on the third workout day of the
week I would do a whole body workout, like the one I did for the past 6 weeks.
Workout Strategy
I go back to doing a 5 day split using high rep ranges. This method
has worked for me before, it is a rather slow mass building process for me
personally I do not know about others, but I am patient and willing to work
hard for good results.  I want to go back to this set up
because I want to improve my shoulders chest and arms and I feel the isolation exercises
would allow for me to add the kind of detail I want especially to my shoulders.
I was starting to see results on my delts when I switched to the compound
exercise program, but I did not think much about it I knew if I were to refocus
on shoulders I would get better results after this sort of break.
No matter which strategy I choose I will stick with the IF
because I have become used to it, the thing that I forgot to mention before
also that contributed to me feeling tired and struggling with compound lifts is
that I was not sleeping much most of the time, that is a no-no I know but I did
it anyways. I will talk more about this in later posts; this one has been long
enough. I hope this post was somehow useful to you, have a good day!

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