Simple abs workout for 6 pack abs

6 pack abs workout simplified

We all want six pack abs right…but most of us think there is a magic formula we can use to get 8 pack, 6 pack or 4 pack abs, well there isn’t one available. Yes you can always take fat burning pills but those have many side effect and not to mention you still won’t get the look you were looking for if you do not work your abs out.

There is something that you get from getting abs because of hard work, its that feeling of accomplishment which keeps you from losing those abs, this feeling makes you proud of yourself and all your hard work. If you you get some diet pills and they work it is not the same, just like a person who loses weight from hard exercise feels better about themselves than someone who had surgery.

Today I’m not going to talk about diet in order to get 6 pack abs, that is another post for another day, I want to talk about a simple workout, the simplest of them all that you could do to get abs, and ripped ones in fact. This simple workout is sit-ups, lots and lots of sit-ups.

 To prove sit-ups work I’m going to tell you how I got abs in the beginning. So when I was a kid I used to watch action movies and wrestling and I used to see these guys with six packs and muscles so naturally as a kid I would workout (using body weight exercise thinking I would look like those guys and be the strongest in my class), so I did push ups, sit ups and jumping jacks and lots of sports plus cycling was my hobby and I would play soccer everyday ( first at school then after school was out in the after noon).

Unfortunately I did not look like those guys after months of working out (mainly because I was too active and I never lifted weights), but I did become stronger and I did get a nice little six pack. Only problem was then I was skinny with abs but I was sorta ripped (but it does not count since I was skinny hehe).

picture of my 6 pack abs when I was still skinny only doing situps

How did I get abs:

  • It had nothing to do with my diet but I was very active and my metabolic was high so I was a calorie burning machine – lesson learnt be active no matter what age you are its beneficial to your metabolism and whether or not you burn calories or store them in your body as fat.
  • I did a lot of sit-ups everyday – my cousin and I would compete to see who would do the most, by the time we were done our abs hurt for the rest of the week and laughing was painful so I stayed away from funny situations.
  •  I stopped working abs out everyday and noticed that if I worked them really hard one or two days in the week they would still develop even better than they did when I trained them everyday.
  • As I mentioned above I was active so that help build abs as well all that moving around and cycling, later on  I found out this was good cardio to burn of stomach fat, so do some intense cardio.
  • Final lesson learnt – stick to one routine and do it well to your limits and it will get you results, many people do only sit-ups for abs and get great results because they do a lot of them and they do go looking around for an easy way out when they should be working out.
That is all I am going to share for now regarding this topic, I hope this helps someone finally do and implement what they learn instead of looking for an easy way out, there is no easy way out.

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