Sharing The Fitness Happiness – Get Your Friends & Family Involved

Working out not only makes you fit, healthy and energetic,
it also makes you happy. It makes you have in many ways, but one of the ways it
makes you happy is by releasing the happy drug, endorphins in a healthy
sustainable manner provided you workout consistently unlike other endorphin
releasing thing like drugs etc. The best thing you can do is actually share
your happiness and spread the love with those around you, such as friends and
family. You could even share your love for fitness with people around the
world, just like I am doing right now by blogging about it or starting a Facebook
page sharing motivation and health living knowledge or whatever  you feel would add value to people’s lives,
and make them happy.
That is me earlier this year 2012

How to convince others to exercise

I want to talk about the kinds of things you can do to help
those around you see the light, to see that many benefits of working out and
staying healthy. You do not have to be as powerful and wealthy as Oprah Winfrey
to change the way people see things, or as influential as Doctor Phil, you can
help change the lives of those around you without a medical degree and the
thing is you do not even charge a cent for it.

How I Get My Family Involved

I have been trying to change the way my mother views fitness
and being healthy for a while now, but I have not succeeded yet, she thinks
because she is not sick then everything is fine, she likes being a fuller woman
because she is allowed to be that size because she is a mother of three and an
adult traditional African woman. I have however managed to get my little
sisters into a fitness mentality, they enjoy joining me for workouts,
especially the bodyweight exercise, my 16 year old sister even enjoy running
long distance, and she has won a few medals in athletics competitions as well.
I also managed at one point to convince my dad to start working out, we used to
do body weight exercises together and he used to jog with my sister but for
some reason he has stopped now and I have been trying to get him back on track.
I will keep working on my family till we are all into fitness and a healthy
lifestyle, it’s an uphill battle but some has to do it. I even convinced my
little cousin to start working out, he did for a while and was ripped at 14
years old, he stopped when he went through a growth spurt (height) but upon
seeing how I had gained size he was inspired to start working out again and I
could not be more proud. With consistent working out he will be one of those
cool muscular confident dudes by the time he goes to university.

How To Get Your Friends To Workout

On the friends side at some point all of my friends joined
the gym and for one gym session we all went to the gym together but that did
not last for too long, I ended up being the most consistent and hence my
physique has changed the most. The problem was we all did not have the same
goals, one of my friends was training using whole body exercise because he said
he did not want to be muscular just fit, Some of us wanted muscle and fitness
model bodies, and other had no clear goals. So with conflicting class schedules
since we were not studying the same degrees and different gaols we did not make
suitable gym partners. I would walk up to one friends room and tell him lets go
to the gym and he would agree other times and other times he would tell me he
was not up to it, there was no consistency so I ended up going on my own, I was
not dependant on my friends to reach my fitness gaols.
One of my friends was more interested in running than
lifting so I would compromise sometimes, to run with him if he promised to be
my lifting partner, and it worked for a while anyways. My friends still have
gym memberships and they go whenever they feel like it, I workout every week
for 5 days, my friends have not changed much but I am now over 15 kg’s more
muscular than I was at the beginning of 2011 when I was skinny. I try to convince
my friends to work out more regularly every time I get the chance, I hope that them
seeing my progress will inspire them, I hope that seeing how chicks react to a
more muscular me helps to inspire them to lift weights even if for a silly reason.

Finding An Angle to Pitch A Fitness Lifestyle

Sometimes to convince people to start working out you have
got to make them see it from their perspective. If someone is older and a
parent you appeal to them about how it will improve their health, how working
out will extend their life so they will see their children grow up and make
something of themselves, and how they should workout to look good and set a
good healthy example for their kids (unhealthy parents are more likely than
healthy parents to have unhealthy obese/overweight little kids).
For people who are younger you appeal to superficial things
like looking good so that they attract the opposite sex. A girl is more likely
to attract the cool guy if she is good looking and takes care of herself. Being
overweight is a form of not taking care of yourself; if you did take care of
yourself then you would watch what you eat. Guys idolize wrestlers and action
movie stars; you could use that to inspire them to start working out so that
they can be alpha like those action heroes and have the girls chasing after
There are many angles to use when it comes to inspiring
other to start working out, just sit and think for a while, you will know what
appeals to the people you care about. Tell them about stress relief benefits,
explain what endorphins are and how working out increases them, tell them
anything that is useful. The point is to at least try to open their eyes, make
some effort to show you care. 

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