RIP Greg Plitt – We have lost superman

This is a tribute to Greg Plitt who passed away this past weekend. He was not just the worlds number one fitness model, he was more than that he touched so many people’s lives. He was a beast, and by the looks of things he was a go getter, a leader, lived life to the fullest and he inspired and motivated so many people not just to get fit but to improve their lives and to work hard and go after what they wanted. Greg Plitt was a real life superman. He is actually one of the first few people who inspired me to start lifting weights I saw a picture of his which clearly showed his 8 pack abs and greek god aesthetics and I told myself that I wanted to look like that some day, soon after I was watching videos of Greg everyday before I went to gym, it gave me all the motivation I needed to push hard at the gym, to be consistent and to stick with it and never give up. I didn’t take supplements at the time but watching his videos was all the pre-workout I needed before going to the gym.

RIP greg plitt worlds number one fitness model

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