Planks are Boring, Add Some Spice

Yeah you heard me, Planks are a very good abdominal exercise
but they are also one of the most boring abs exercises if not the most boring.
They are all about just staying in one position and waiting for the pain to
come. When you think of exercises in general you usually think of movement
(lots of it), but when it comes to doing planks all you think about is the lack
of movement. When you think of other abs exercises you usually think of sweat,
lots and lots of sweat plus the pain ofcourse but with planks you only get the
pain part. To be fair though holding on for as long as possible before your
body bridge collapses could be considered fun or challenging, let’s check out
some other ways to make the plank exercise fun.

If you hold on long enough you feel like you are going to break in half, that’s the plank effect 

How to make The
Plank Exercise Fun

Do not do the plank exercise by itself, to make it more fun
and to break a little sweat consider mixing planks with other abs exercises. If
you are doing your upper abs mix in two or three other abs exercises and move
between abs exercises with a little to no rest to challenge yourself. Plank
exercises target your whole core so you can pretty much mix them in whether you
are doing lower abs upper abs or obliques.
If you want to do planks by themselves consider making a
game of it by spreading them throughout your day, for example I would make a
game of the plank exercise by doing planks during ad-breaks when I am watching
my favourite TV show, which is one hell of a good way to break the coach potato
 Consider doing a
plank combo, whereby you do a side-plank to left, normal plank then a
side-plank to your right which will all be considered as one set. This helps to
add something different and you could divided time equally in that set, say 30
seconds per plank type meaning 1minute 3o seconds for 1 set or you could double
that time if your core can handle it.
Speaking of time you could make you planks a time challenge,
where you could compete with someone or yourself to see how long you can stay
in plank position. Putting a timer in front of you so you really feel like it’s
a challenge. Writing down your plank record and try to beat it every time you
are doing plank exercise.
I am sure there are many other ways to improve your
experience with plank exercises, these are just a few tips. Do them often and
soon they will become a habit and you will build a strong core when you are not
even moving (who said exercise means movement?).

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