part 3:crazy 8 pack series

Crazy 8 pack abs workout 2

The exercises  I am going to describe today are very difficult especially the jacknife and crunchy frog (exercise I first tried out when I was doing the P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program
exercises, which is a great video and program if you have cash to spend on that workout series).

  • side plank

    –  this exercise help you develop core strenght by forcing you to try and stabilise yourself in an unstable position. basically you lie on your side, then you put your one leg over the other or behind the other but close together, then you can either push your body up on you side using your bottom arm fully extended so that your body forms a straight  incline line and lastly you extend your top up and try to stay in that position for about half a minute to a minute, then repeat on other side. this test your whole body. Only your hand and side of your foot are touching the floor. the other option is similar but you use your forearm to support yourself instead of a fully extended arm.

  • jackknife situps

    – you lie on the floor on your back with your arms on your sides and your legs straight and together, then lift your knees and move them towards your chest as you simultaneously raise your upper body towards your knees,  return to starting position and repeat.

  • bicycles

    – these are pretty simple because all you do is to lie on your butt with your upper body off the floor at about 45degrees and your hands on  the floor so you dont fall over, then you start moving your legs in circles as if you were cycling forwards for as long as you can, you can time your self, to see improvement  each week or do it in reps in combination with another/other ab exercises.

  • crunchy frogs

    – you are seated on the floor with you upper body at an ang and your legs in the air, your arms are fully stretched on your sides to begin with and you legs are in the air but as straight as possible, then you you bend your knees and move them towards your chest as you move your arms towards your knees and you go back and forth from starting position to knee and arm meeting position. You can do as many as you can, this is a very tough exercise.


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