Part 1 – crazy 8 pack ab series

Crazy 8 pack abs Workout 1

Today I will start by telling you how to do the first 4 exercises from the ab exercises list, some of these workouts are very common and ancient but they get the job done and thats what counts. Its good to do a couple of ab exercises after your workout each day and variation each day could prove to be a killer equation.

  • sit-ups

    – I am sure most of you reading this probably know how situps are done but here goes anyways just in case there is someone out there who does not know how. First lie flat on the floor, preferably with a partner to hold you lower body in order to stabilise you so that you do not cheat. If you dont have a partner, you could bend your legs by raising your knees with your feet on the floor and be as stable as possible. if you have a low bed you could hook your feet under to stabilise yourself. Then once your lower body is stable, put your hands behind your head and raise your upper body until its perpendicular to the floor and your legs, then go back to starting position and repeat until failure.

  • Crunches

    – Are like situps except you do not raise your whole upper body, you try and keep your lower back on the floor as you raise your upper body( excluding lower back), this has an added burning effect on your core. Again do as many as you can.

  • Reverse crunches

    –  these are very good for your lower abs. so first step is to lie flat on the floor first, put your hands on the floor, put your legs together, bring your knees back towards your chest until they are perpendicular to the floor , raise your hip and straighten your legs reaching for the ceiling.

  • Weighted crunches

    – These are the same as normal crunches but you place a weight on your chest and hold it to add some resistance once normal crunches are no longer a challenge for you. You can also hold a weight behind your neck if you are doing these crunches on a bench with your neck over the edge of the bench.   

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