Packing on 10 more kilos/bulking

I have been doing the whole ab thing so far this year and its been great so far, but I have just realised that my main goal is to pack on some more size this year and not really being that cut until I reach 85kg but I say I need about 10 kilos because I am going to gain about 10kg then cut to about 85kg to get the ultimate physique.

I am not totally avoiding focusing on abs now, I will continue to work on their thickness and worry less about how cut I am, for the longest time they have been visible and I just wanted to add that wow factor. The wow factor is what I am putting aside. Sacrifice it now and reap the rewards later when my body as a whole is impressive enough at least to me that is.

ripped body

I have not been eating as much as I was used to since I was on this ab defining goal, but I think its time I increase the amount of food I eat now. I was eating about 4 times a day and now I plan to eat at least two extra meals on top of that.

I like the if it fits your macros diet plan, but I make sure most of it is in the form of protein (lots of chicken), I also eat a couple fruit a day but I could eat more. I enjoy eating a lot of walnuts and I love myself a peanut butter sandwich a couple times a day. I hope this helps me pack on some size.

The down side to all this is that I was formally a medium when it came to shirts but now I had to get large shirts which is not too bad because I did not have that many formal shirts anyways. The pants are getting tight as well, my pants used to drop without a belt and now I don’t need one, some of then got torn or ripped while I was wearing them. Well that is pretty much it for the side effects for now at least.

If I am not seeing results after some time, I will look at using some sort of meal replacement mass gainer.

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