How to repeatedly get beginner gains

Non-stop gains

Do you remember the first time you started lifting weights? When you gained a lot of mass in a short space of time, you hardly knew what you were doing and getting big guns was your main concern. Well it possible to get those gains back, only this time around you know exactly what you are doing.

Make beginner gains till you reach Arnold size if you want to 

A few weeks back I noticed that my body as a whole had increased in size but I did not notice it before because muscle changes happen slowly and you don’t really notice the slight changes. A golf shirt that used to fit me just fine a few months back was now so tight that if I moved my arms it would start to tear on the sleeves. Sure someone else would not notice much difference but I am my biggest critic. I usually only notice the changes in arm size, fat gain or loss and the occasional change in definition, not the overall size.

In terms of how I achieved my gains, I will begin by saying that gaining the first 10kg was easy and after that things got a bit more difficult. I noticed that if I worked out a certain body part less than the others or I ignored it for a week and worked out the other body parts, it would grow and feel the workout more eventually when I did work it out with an intensity. This is because I never allow for my muscles to get used to the workout routine and level of intensity. Over the following weeks I would see slight changes which ultimately led to a whole body transformation.

So basically all I did was to choose one body part per week to sort of ignore and in the next week I would overwork it or atleast to it limits to bring about great growth. The ignoring part is more like giving the bodypart a break, time to recover and regain full strength. This method is like the one where every couple of months you take a week off from working out to fully recover.

Another method to aid in recovery that I find works is a method I often see Greg Plitt use, that is to add variation by doing free body exercise often involving an exercise or a medicine ball. It helps you keep your workout fresh away from doing the same thing week in week out. Doing weightless exercise with an exercise ball is a great stability exercise and could help you increase your strength for your lifts.

Finally I have also been mixing up days by that I mean I have a 5 day workout plan in which I train one body part per day with two rest days but every week I switch things up meaning I don’t train each body part in the same order every week. So that means sometimes some body parts get an extended rest period and others a shortened rest period. This has been effective so far.

I believe the key to having a great workout plan is being able to experiment , mix things up and find what works best for you.

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