How to Lose Stomach Fat and Get Ripped Six Pack Abs

Everyone would like to have ripped abs, but most people
don’t have ripped abs because you have to work for them. A six pack is not
something that you just work hard to get then you have it forever, you have to
maintain it by not over eating, continuing to eat healthy and continuing to
exercise in order to maintain your body the way you like it. If you want to
lose weight and get shredded you better be prepared to make this a lifestyle
change not just something you do until you get a six pack, then you will
abandon this lifestyle because if you do that you will lose that six pack and
gain back all that fat you lost. Now l will get into how to burn belly fat.

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How to burn belly fat

You cannot spot reduce fat unless you are having the fat
surgically removed so in order to burn stomach fat you have to reduce fat in
your whole body. Now that sounds like a lot of work to do just to get a six
pack, well it is but it’s worth it because of the health benefits and the
positive self image that will come with the end result.
How does one go about losing fat throughout their whole
body, well the best way to go about reducing fat is reducing the amount of
calories one consumes. This can be done using many dieting methods which all
basically have the same goal of putting you at a calorie deficit in order to
lose weight. It does not matter what diet you do as long as it reduces your
calorie intake it will work. What does matter though is whether that diet is
viable for long term use; the key to a successful weight loss plan is being
able to keep the weight off months or years after the initial weight loss. With
this in mind choose a diet plan that you will adopt as your lifestyle from now
onwards, whether it’s a low fat diet
or low carb diet
is up to you. An easier method to reduce calories would be
just to reduce portions, stay away from fast foods  and to eat slower to allow enough time for
your body to realize you have had enough (most people eat more than they need).
An alternative to dieting would be intermittent fasting;
below I will discuss how both the dieting and fasting will help you burn fat.

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How dieting will help
you lose weight/fat

The first thing you need to do is calculate how many
calories it takes to maintain your current bodyweight (read this post about metabolism
and body type
to find out more about that) then after you know how many
calories per day you need to consume to maintain your body you need to reduce
those calories by 500 per day in order to lose 1lb bodyweight/fat per week.
This means that in order to lose 1lb per week you need to be at a 3500 calorie
deficit during that week. You must be aware that the less body fat you have the
less weight you will lose, it’s easier for overweight and obese people to lose
weight than people who are in normal bmi range. Also note that most weight lost
in the first week of dieting and exercising is usually just water weight that’s
why people usually have big weight loss numbers in the first few weeks then
things slow down from there.
Basically above I was just telling you how many calories you
need to cut to lose 1b of weight per week but the truth is as long as you are
in a caloric deficit you will lose weight so anything between 300-500 calories
below maintenance per day should be fine if you are normal sized/not over
weight to cut bodyweight/fat nice and slowly so that you do not lose any muscle
mass (more about this later). Depending on the type of diet you are on you will
now then eat the foods you are allowed to eat to reach your new calorie target
for the day which would be your maintenance calories minus 300-500 calories.

How intermittent
fasting helps you lose weight

Intermittent fasting helps you lose weight first of all by
manipulating/strong-arming the body to use fat as energy, but the other way it
helps you lose weight it that it decreases the amount of calories you consume.
You see if you are fasting using the Eat
Stop Eat method
you will fast for 1 or 2 days during the week that means
you will be at a caloric deficit of 2 days worth of eating. Let me explain that
to you in numbers, if you are fasting using the eat stop eat method, if say
your maintenance calories are 2500 calories per day and you fast for 1 day
during a certain week, at the end of that week you will be at a caloric deficit
on 2500 and your body would have used fat as energy during your fasted state.
If you managed to fast for two days you will be at a caloric deficit of 5000
calories which is huge and is accomplished pretty easily with fasting (remember
to lose one pound you have to be at a caloric deficit of 3500, so fasting help
you reach caloric deficit with ease without even thinking much or food

I have cut weight to get abs using decreasing calories and
fasting before, I am currently fasting now, check out my results from only 3
weeks of eat stop eat

intermittent fasting eat stop eat results
Results from 3 weeks of intermittent fasting

You should exercise to burn fat and build muscle

To have a great body you have to exercise whilst you are
dieting or fasting ( eat stop eat recommends you workout using resistance
training at least 3 times a week in order to maintain your muscle mass and to
build muscle if you want to gain lean muscle). You have to work out your whole
body whether you just want abs or not, think about it this way, what’s the use
of having abs if you don’t have the chest, arms, delts, back and legs to go
with it. Building muscle actually helps you lose more fat by increasing your
metabolic rate; one of the reasons why guys tend to have higher metabolic rates
than girls is because guys have more muscles. Check out these workouts
to see if you like any of them so you can try them out or you can read
post about bodyweight exercises if you don’t have a gym membership.

Abs workout for ripped abs

The good thing about abs is that there are many abs
exercises to choose from. The thing to remember when you are choosing workouts
for abs is that our abs workout must include exercises that target all 3 abs
regions so that you have well developed 6 pack abs, you don’t want just your
upper abs showing so you choose exercises that also target lower abs as well as
oblique’s. To make your abs thicker and more developed you can add weighted absexercises. Lifting heavy also works out abs. Doing dead-lifts gives me a good abs
workout even though that exercise is meant to target your back and legs, at one
point I was not even training abs and only lifting weight and I still had
visible abs because the heavy lifts were indirectly training my abs and my body
fat was low enough for the abs to be visible.

Here are examples of
exercises that target the different abs regions:

– Sit-ups and crunches target mostly your upper abs

– Leg raises/knees raises target mainly your lower abs

– Twisting abs exercises like the oblique sit-up and oblique
twists target your obliques

– V-Ups and Jack knife sit-ups target both your upper and lower
– Planks target your whole abdominal region, but as soon as
you do side planks it targets mostly your obliques on the side you are
balancing on.

I am sure you get that idea now, just mix the types of abs
exercise you do and work on your abs regularly. Working out abs 3-4 times a
week should be enough to get them nicely developed. It’s up to you whether you
target different abs regions on different days or you mix in various exercises
which target all abdominal regions during one session.

Doing cardio to get ripped

cardio is good for your health and helps you burn fat

If your diet or fast is going great and you are working out
and doing your abs exercises  that may be
enough to give you the results that you want, this is most likely going to be
the case if you are an ectomorph but if you are not getting the results as fast
as you like using only diet and exercise than you should start doing cardio (it
not a problem if you start doing cardio from the beginning, I for one am not a
fan of cardio but I realise it has many benefits). It is up to you whether you
choose to do steady state cardio such as jogging or cycling at the same speed,
or if you like doing HIIT exercise like sprints. It all works you just choose
what is more enjoyable for you so that it will be a regular thing for you.

running can be fun
Have fun getting fit
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That is basically all you need to do to get ripped abs, if
you are disciplined and are consistent with your training and watch what you
eat, you will get good results.

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