Gym Motivation Video – Franco “The Sardinian Strongman” Columbu Bodybuilding legend

Franco Columbu is one of the greatest bodybuilders in history often falling behind Arnold’s shadow even though he was very talented and a great champion bodybuilder, power-lifter and boxer back in the day. He had the size and the cuts, if he was taller I think everyone would rate him higher and maybe arnold would not have won the Olympia as many times as he did (he probably would have still won since he played mind games with his opponents).

Franco Columbu posing with his huge arms and lats
Franco Columbu posing with his big arms and lats

“My back is a weapon that I use to destroy my opponents.” ~ Franco Columbu

Franco is a bodybuilding legend, there is no denying that, here is a motivation video dedicated to the Sardinian Strongman:


“Don’t attempt advanced routines with extremely heavy weight until you are at the appropriate level of strength. Be your own judge.”~ Franco Columbu

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