Great Chest Workout Without Weights

Weightless chest workout – home training

Its back to the basics when it comes to working out your chest without machines and barbels to aid you. Basically you need to do 3 types of pushups. I use this chest workout for maintainance and building chest when I have no access to a gym. I usually do 3 sets of each type of push up 20-25 reps each. I first do the normal (flat) push up with hands shoulder width  apart, then without taking a break  move on to the decline push up with my legs raised above the rest of the body, on a bench or stairs etc. Lastly I do the incline push up with my upper body raised higher than the legs but not on a platform thats too high or else you wont get much of a workout. I take a break 1or 2 minutes then I repeat again.

weightless chest workout

Its a great lilttle workout and if you did your push ups with the proper form, you should feel the burn as you do those last few reps. And I also do hanging dips so that am able to lift my whole body to put as much force on triceps as possible (I find that these dips also use your chest muscles somehow). You grab ahold of two raised parallel bars or a tree somewhere and you raise your body weight with your arm using mostly the triceps and you go down as deep as possible then slowly raise your body again, this builds great tricep size.

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