Get rock hard (lower abs)


I am currently trying to thicken my abs and make them POP! I have decided to work abs out two days a week since I have been neglecting them this past week. the first part which I will discuss now is targeting the lower abs, and the second part targets the upper abs which I will blog about at some later stage. I do 3 different ab exercises for the lower abs. I do each of these exercises for 3 sets and 20-25reps each. the first of these exercises is the hanging leg raises where you bend your leg and lift your knees up to 90degrees. The second of this exercises is the straight leg hanging leg raises whereby you lift your leg from resting position to a 90 degree position and then lastly you do the hanging body twists whereby you assume start position in hanging leg raise position then you slowly lift your legs up then twist as far left as possible then go back to start position and raise you legs again but this time twisting as far right as possible and then continue alternating (remembering not to pause at start position).

In the past I have also done some P90X exercises, especially the ab ripper x program, this program targets abs from all directions and is an intense short workout, you can do at home. This workout program is awesome if you can afford to buy it, and if you will use it once you have buy it, not just use it to make your friends think you exercise when you don’t.

All ab exercises are hard at first but once you get used to them you will start to enjoy working abs with ease and want more challenging and newer exercises.

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