Get a body like a heavyweight boxer – Iron Mike or Will Smith Style

Imagine having a body like Mike Tyson at his prime, Ali at
his prime or even having the body of Will Smith acting like Ali at his prime.
All these guys were magnificent physical specimen at their fitness primes. They
had the size, the leanness, the speed and the power to knock out opposition and
if they did not knock them out in the early rounds they were fit enough to outlast
their opponents in the ring, taking advantage of their  tired opposition.

They were the best, and being the best means being the most
skilled, fastest, strongest and lasting the longest, I imagine having that kind
of fitness level is hard to get and requires hours of work and diet every day,
it requires a certain type of training that makes you the ultimate fighter. I
also imagine being so fit must be a rush, you feel the best you will ever or
have ever felt at that moment you achieve such fitness.

It is common knowledge that if you want to be the best than
you have to beat the best but in our case if you want to get a body like a
heavyweight boxer you have to train like a heavy weight boxer. Training like a
heavy weight boxer is time consuming, training takes over your life and you
have to have discipline of the highest degree when it comes to fitness.
Obviously boxers lives depend on them being better than the other fighters in
order to make a good living, so those boxers who win titles and earn fortunes
live and breathe boxing, that’s why they succeed, it is like they do not know
anything else.

will smith ali workout

How Will Smith got the Ali heavy weight boxer body

For the movie Ali Will went from 185lbs which was not big
for his height to 220lbs of heavy weight lean muscle. To prepare for his role
as Ali he started training 12 months before filming to make sure he was at peak
condition and actually looked the way Ali would have looked in his prime. Will
Smith trained 5 days a week training two body parts per day using a pyramid
style weight training routine and a resistance training routine that was
designed by celebrity and boxing personal trainer Darrell Foster. His pyramid
style workout meant that he would start off with light weights going to heavy
weights the go back to light weights for each lifting exercise. He also ran 5
miles every morning for six days of the week. He was on a high protein low
carbohydrate diet which made him get that lean low body fat boxer body.
mike tyson is a beast

How to get a body like “Iron Mike” Tyson

Mike Tyson is believed to have done little to no weight
training at the beginning of his boxing career, but some people believe he did
lift weights in order to gain some size first before engaging in boxing
training routines.  Most of his power and
build can be attributed to him just being a genetic freak, even as a teenager
he was huge. Since most people who want the Mike Tyson workout want the workout
he was doing during his prime in the early days before things went south, I
will share information about a workout routine he did in the 1980’s when he was
at his prime, this is the period where Iron Mike was the undisputed heavyweight
champion and the youngest boxer ever to win the WBA, WBC and IBF world
heavyweight titles at the age of 20 which was amazing. Mike Tyson was short in
height compared to other heavyweight boxers but he was huge for his height of
about 5’10” weighing between 215lbs to 220lbs before his prison days.

So this is what Iron Mikes 7 day training routine looked
like in the 80’s:

  •         The first thing he did in the morning was to
  •         He then did 10 box jumps
  •         He followed the box jumps with 10 bursts of sprinting
  •         After the nice quick warm up session he would
    then do a 3 mile run
  •         Around lunch he would do some ring work
  •         Then in the afternoon after a meal he would do
    additional ring work
  •         He would do 60 minutes on the exercise bike for
    building legs and for conditioning after the ring work
  •        At 5pm he would do a circuit training routine in
    which he did 10 circuits consisting of:
    200 sit-ups first up, followed by 25-40 dips, then 50 push ups, and then again 25-40dips, then 50 shrugs, followed by 10 minute neck work on the floor. At the end of this circuit he would have done 2000
    sit-ups, 500-800 dips, 500 push-ups, and 500 shrugs with a 30kg barbell.
  •         At around 8 pm he would then do an additional 30
    minutes of cycling on the exercise bike.
Tyson has said before that he did the shrugs to build up his
shoulders, which would help him throw strong powerful punches. He was the best
of the best back then because he worked harder than everyone else. The amount
of bodyweight exercises he did daily were not normal; mix that in with great
genetics and a big ego and bad ass attitude and you had a mean unstoppable
fighting machine who took down giants.

How you can build a body like a heavy weight knock-out machine

 Most of us cannot
live and breathe boxing and training. And most of us cannot train a full week
without at least a few days of recovery time. Iron Mike was a genetic freak and
we are just normal people and need time to recover, he also had trained people
who made sure he had other methods of recovery that most of us do not have access
to (for example people to take care of planning our diets, and people like
physiotherapists and other support staff). This does not mean we cannot get
bodies like heavy weight boxers, this only means we can adjust the workouts
routines like Will Smiths Ali workout routine and “Iron Mike” Tyson’s workout
routine to fit our lifestyles and our genetics.
 A good way to find
out which routine will work best for you is by trying both workouts for a
certain length of time and then seeing which one you like the most and which
style of workout gives you the best results. It is about adjusting your diet to
fit your genetics and metabolic rate. Someone like Will Smith would have to
work much harder on eating enough of the right food to gain weight because Will
Smith has an easier time leaning out than bulking up whereas someone like Mike
who is genetically big and has an easier time getting big would focus on a diet
that would be clean enough for him to still gain a certain amount of mass but
be as lean as possible.
One thing that you need for sure no matter which type
of workout you use, whether you use weights and resistance training or mostly bodyweight exercises you need pure discipline to be able to do this boxer training
everyday for the whole year. It is easier to maintain that body once you
achieve it first; at least it’s easier to maintain the look and not the fitness
level if you are not a boxer, so you have to put in most of the effort and hard
work at the beginning in order to get you dream heavyweight boxer physique and
then you could tone it down since unlike a boxer you cannot be spending all
your time training.

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