Crazy 8 pack abs workout – part 4

Its been a while since I have broken down some abs exercises, so today I am going to share how to do the next 4 workouts in the 20 abs exercises you can do to get 8 pack abs series. The reason I did not just share them all at once is that I believe you should not do too many different abs exercises at the same time, its good to focus on a few and kill it! That way you get results, when you do change your abs workout, those new workouts will work wonders for you since you will not be used to them.

Here are some tips/methods of doing the following abdominal exercises:

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  • Wide leg sit-ups

    – you have to lie flat on your back for this one, straighten your legs and spread them so that there is a distance between them. Place one hand behind your hand, if its your left hand then raise your right hand straight above, wake up as you would for a normal sit-up, when your upper body is vertical your hand is still above your head then reach for your left toe and go back to starting position. Now switch hands and do the same, this time with your left hand, you touch your right toe.

  • V-ups

    – oh boy these are test for your abdominal strength, these like the jackknife sit-up exercise work both your lower and upper abs at the same time. I love how after doing a few of these, I feel like I have done hundreds of sit-ups. So to begin lie on the floor with your arms extended behind your head and you feet together. Keep your legs straight and then raise the up as you raise your upper body up, touch your toes and lower your legs down slowly with control, try to pulse up age just before your upper body and legs touch the floor to make it more challenging to get that extra burn.

  • Oblique v-ups

    – these are extremely difficult to perform but are a great exercise to target obliques. You first have to lie on your side, and make an angle of not more than about 30 degrees (small angle).      If you are lying on your right side first then place you right arm close to your body so that your elbow touches the ground as support and the palms of your hands face down. Your left hand is on your head. To start raise  your upper body, your legs as high as you can at this angle and then go back to starting position, instantly pulse up again for your next rep to maintain rhythm. When you are done with your first set switch sides and do the same thing.

  • Mason Twists

    – This one is a killer as well, it starts off pretty easy but when you reach the higher reps it starts to really burn. I have not talked about reps for the others because you will do the amount of reps you can handle, but for this one I have to say that you must do very high reps for it to be effective. Don’t stop until it starts to burn and even then push a little harder until you are close to failure. For this on you sit on you buttocks while your legs are as straight as possible and not touching the floor. Your upper body is also raised and not touching the floor. You put your hands together in front of you and start twisting to your sides, touching the floor with your joined fists in and alternating movement.

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