Check Out My New YouTube Skinny to Muscular transformation Video

A related post to show you the step by step process that you too can use to gain some muscle mass can be found here: Its been a long journey but its not over yet, I plan to reach my goal physique by the time I reach 3 years since joining the gym. I have already intensified my ab training because I feel abs are an important part to having a great fitness model like body. I have been bulking for a while now and I feel its time to cut and then slowly clean bulk from then on. I would be happy being ripped at about 78kg now, I feel i would look better than I did at 78kg before because I have added on some more muscle.

I hope this video below serves as inspiration for some of you who are trying to lose weight or gain some mass, have a great day Fitties. We are killin’ it in 2013!

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