Bulking Results – 3 weeks, 3.5kg(7.7lbs)

As I said in the last post I have started bulking seriously with the aid of USN Hardcore whey. I had been going to gym consistently in the 3 weeks after the post and eating above my maintenance calories everyday, of course the protein shake helped a lot in that regard with my caloric goals and my protein intake. I haven’t been to gym this week because I got the flu after a stupid night where I went to the beach after midnight under dressed for the cold Atlantic Ocean current.

A month ago I weighed 75kg(165lbs) and after three weeks when I weighed myself again I had gained 3.5kg (7.7lbs) so I weighed 78.5kg(173lbs) last week, which I must say surprised me a little bit but I am happy with that result. Its now 4 weeks after that post and I have not weighed myself this week, hopefully the flu did not affect me that much.  I am going to post a pic of how I was looking last week, its not impressive as I have no abs, a little bloated, but its a work in progress towards and ultimate goal. Even though having abs is not my concern as I am bulking and not cutting I try to train them at least twice a week after my gym session.

3 week gains
3 week bulking progress/gains

Gaining weight up to 82kg(180lbs) I feel will be easy as that is the weight I was for about 2.5years give or take, its getting past that weight which will pose a problem but am am looking forward to that challenge.


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