Building a big wide back – starting early (back workout with 15 year old cousin & friends)

I have been working out 5 days a week for the past 3 weeks (actually this is the third week)  training each body part once per week on its own day. I will be doing this for the whole of December. A few days back my cousin and his two best friends and I, trained back and I managed to record some of the sets, so I will be sharing that workout in this post so that at the end when we have gained some mass you will know exactly how we did it (its not magic). Since I have stopped fasting last week and started my bulk, I have gained 2 kg already (4.4 lbs) in just a week placing me at 79 kg (oh my height is 5’11”). My cousin Sizwe (5’9″, 61 kg) has lost 1 kg in the last week and Banele (5’9″, 71.5 kg) has gained 1.5 kg so far, this week someone new joined us his name is Siya and he has a starting weight of 70 kg at 5’11-6’0″ tall.

In this session we were targeting the upper back, we target other back muscles like traps on shoulder day with shrugs and lower back on leg day with Romanian dead-lifts. We did 5 exercises each for 4 sets of 10-12, and we increased weight each set, if the weight gets too heavy I try to reach 8 reps or I just decrease weight and do more reps. We did wide grip lat pull downs (they remind me of wide grip pull ups) for upper lats, narrow grip lat pull downs (they remind me of chin ups) which involves more biceps and lower lats, then we did bent over barbell rows, cable rows and one arm dumbbell rows.

The teens have been gaining strength every week so far, and have managed to improve their lifts each week, I tell them that if they can do 10 reps without feeling it then they need to increase the weight a little until they find a weight that challenges them. I am not about lifting unnecessarily super heavy weights but lifting too light is even worse.

In the video above you will notice we are slightly leaning backwards for the cable rows that’s because there was an older gym guy and he was insisting we lean back when doing them, I did not want to disrespect the man as he was trying to help but I was watching a muscle and fitness video just before that session about how to do a seated cable row properly and it said one should try to be up right when in pulling position (start position) in the row exercise. I find it very hard to argue with my elders so you can imagine what it was like training and having the older gentleman watch to see if we were following his tips…hehe. I will post an arm workout video in a few days so be sure to add me on google plus, subscribe on youtube or like the new zulumuscle FB Page.

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