Awesome oblique workout

I was training my back yesterday so I decided to end with
some abs exercises, this time I decided that I wanted to training oblique since
my previous abs workout was targeting my upper abs. Many people have great abs
but lack those muscled up tight oblique that complete the perfect set of abs.

So I decided that to work out my oblique’s I would only do 2
abs exercises for this session, which were oblique sit-ups and dumbbell side
So in case you do not know how to do these exercises I will
explain how they are done so you get the general idea of the position you need
to be in and the movement need to do.
Oblique Workout:
Image from Strong Workout
Dumbbell side bends
Dumbbell Side Bends – I had never done these before but I
will tell you now after doing them  that my
oblique’s have never been in this my pain, it’s the first thing I noticed when I
woke up.  To do these get ahold of a relatively
heavy dumbbell, hold it to one side of your body when you are standing upright.
Now begin to bend to the other side of your body where you are not holding the
dumbbell until you feel a bit of a stretch, then bend to the side of the dumbbell
the same distance you bended to your other side.  You can do this for as many reps as you can
with the dumbbell on your current hand and then switch hands and repeat. This
is one of the most effective oblique exercises, you will be feeling the burn
during the workout and maybe not so much after you have recovered after this
workout, but wait till the day after and you will feel the pain.
Move straight to this next exercise without a break, we want
intensity here…  
Oblique Sit-up – This is basically like a normal sit-up
where you are lying on your back and your feet are on the floor with your kneed
bent facing towards the ceiling. In this exercises instead of just putting your
hands at the back of your head and lifting your upper body towards your knees,
you will put your hands behind your head and as you raise your upper body begin
to twist your upper body and move your left elbow across towards your right
knee, go back to starting position and repeat to your other side now. Do these
till failure.

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