8 Pack Abs Progress

Earlier this month I wrote about two of my ab routines which I do on a weekly basis. Today I am uploading a pic to show how my abs look now. I have made good progress in terms of thickness and the split in the middle of my abs is visible under better lighting. I will upload pics taken under good light with a proper camera as soon as possible to show ab visibility from the side view.

8 pack abs for the new year
xmas eve



I have been a bit hesitant in the cardio department, I find it to be a chore.Though I did do sprints and a bit of skipping this week and intend to fix my bike and do abit of cycling. I’ve always enjoyed outdoor cycling. I think once I have a proper cardio routine the fat in my abdorminal region will decrease enough for me to see the kind of results I want. To add to this I think the creatine I am taking is also affecting the appearance if my abs, before taking it I used to feel tight around the abs every morning when I woke up and even When I was hungry, now it makes no difference.

abs are getting thicker
side view of abs still on X4

visible 6 pack abs

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