8 pack abs progress this year so far

Abs progress

In Jan I was really concentrating on thickening the abs and bringing out the lower abs. I felt that having a great pair of abs makes having a not yet complete masterpiece look awesome whilst still in the making.

taken in early jan (abs picture)

Later in jan and in feb I realised that I also wanted to get the split between the abs to increase and be more visible. I wanted the abs to be thick so that from the side you could see little crests and troughs.

Side abs picture
Now March just began and I am still going to thicken them and work the lower abs but  since I am bulking I will not be able to see the full results yet until I cut at a later stage. I can already feel the abs getting thicker and the cuts getting deeper. I am going to try doing prolonged ab exercises to take my abs to the limit, by prolonged I mean ab exercises I can do 500-1000 reps of. I got this idea from reading David Kimmerles blog. I have been doing alot of reading lately.
March ab pic
As I have said in above and in the past couple of posts, my main aim is gaining size right now so I am bulking. The first time I gained size I did not gain much fat, my abs were still visible. I hope the same happens this time round, I want to gain as much muscle as possible whilst minimising my fat gain.

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