8 pack abs…getting there…

8 pack abs workout

8 pack abs under there

I have added a day of sit-ups only to my previous 8 pack abs program I have been doing. Inspired by an article in Muscle and Fitness december issue that was talking about Herschel Walker, the 49 year old mma fighter who does between 2500-3500 situps a day. I must say the old man is in top shape and has a strong thick core.

I have been doing 300 situps 1 day in the week, mostly on weekends and I think it will produce some good results as it has in the past for me. The situps which I do in 1 set of 300 reps coupled with the lower ab exercises have produced some results for me,such as thickened abs and a more pronounced split even if its only visible in the upper abs for now.

8 pack abs coming along
I have dropped 2nd of the two ab workouts I used to do per week for the 300 situps, Im also still considering adding another day of situps in the week. I will do the workouts I have dropped for the time being again at a later stage.

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