50 Sit Ups per Web Page Read Challenge

I used to think that I did not like to read but I was wrong,
I like to read articles and blog posts on the web, I just don’t like reading
books in paperback. I sometimes find myself reading the archives of blogs that
I find interesting, then checking back every time they are updated. Every day I
will come across a website where I will read a dozen of its pages or more. I
read mostly fitness, game and travel related blogs, I sometimes read historic
articles and maybe some informative websites with random fun facts just for
entertainment sake.  So I figured since I read so many articles per day, I
might as well use that in some productive way to help me get in even better

50 sit ups per web page read challenge
50 reps abs challenge

How to use your
internet addiction to get ripped abs

I decided I am going to do 50 sit ups for every new web page
I visit, I figure it’s a pretty interesting way to work out my abs. That would
add up to many sit ups per day, but if I find that to be too many sit ups for
the day, I would make it a set of 50 sit ups for every new blog/ website I
visit because If I were to visit one website and read 20 pages that would mean
I had to do 50*20 sit ups which is too much especially if I was still going to
visit other websites. So if I were to read about 20 pages of one site I would
rather do 50 sit ups per 3-5 pages.
Just so that I do not over work one section of my abs, I
would target a different section of abs every day such as doing 2 minute planks
between pages on other days and maybe oblique sit ups on other days, and
bicycle kicks on other days just to make sure no abs section is ignored. 
I reckon one can get pretty ripped doing this especially if
they are avid readers. You could apply this to reading books as well, if you
are reading a 300 page book you could do maybe 50 reps of an abs exercise per
20 pages or something like that depending on your level of fitness.

Applying this to
other body parts

This does not have to be for abs only; you could apply this
strategy to pull ups, push ups and even squats. You could always do a set amount
or you could always increase the amount of reps you do as you get used to the
different workouts. You could also mix it all and make a whole body workout by
doing a different abs exercise each day.  This strategy is similar to doing short
exercises during ad breaks when you are watching your favourite TV shows.  

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